New papers were published in Biotropica edited by the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation that involves past and present members of MECADEV. One of the study (Mendoza et al. 2018) analyzed a ten-year dataset (2001-2011) of fruit production for 45 tree and liana species from the Nouragues rainforest, French Guiana, with a novel hierarchical Bayesian approach. The ECOTROP Alumni Irene Mendoza is Guest Editor of this special section on tropical phenology

  • Morellato, L. P., Abernethy, K. and Mendoza, I. (2018), Rethinking tropical phenology: insights from long‐term monitoring and novel analytical methods. Biotropica, 50: 371-373.
  • Mendoza, I. , Condit, R. S., Wright, S. J., Caubère, A. , Châtelet, P. , Hardy, I. and Forget, P.-M. (2018), Inter‐annual variability of fruit timing and quantity at Nouragues (French Guiana): insights from hierarchical Bayesian analyses. Biotropica, 50: 431-441.
  • Abernethy, K. , Bush, E. R., Forget, P.-M. , Mendoza, I. and Morellato, L. P. (2018), Current issues in tropical phenology: a synthesis. Biotropica, 50: 477-482.








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