A new paper was published in Biotropica edited by the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation that involves one member of ECOTROP. Authors investigated how the immediate fates of the large nutrient rich Carapa oreophila seeds were influenced by forest disturbance (habitat: core, edge, or forest fragment) and different periods during the fruiting season (food abundance) at Ngel Nyaki, NIgeria. Pierre-Michel Forget is a collaborator of NMFP, and has been initially supported by NMFP, and a visiting Erskine fellowship of the University of Canterbury (UC), during field work (2010-2011) and  preparation of the manuscript (2013), respectively. (Illustrations : maturing Carapa oreophila fruit at Ngel Nyaki, and two of the authors (second left : Babale Aliyu and Hazel Chapman, second right), and research staff at NMFP - Photos (c) P.-M Forget).   

  • Aliyu, B. , Thia, J. A., Moltchanova, E. , Forget, P-M. and Chapman, H. M. (2018), Forest disturbance and seasonal food availability influence a conditional seed dispersal mutualism. Biotropica Volume50, Issue5 September 2018 Pages 750-757 doi:10.1111/btp.12570

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