Pierre-Michel Forget from ECOTROP co-authored a publication on the relation between forest features, anthropogenic pressures and dispersal of Staudtia kamerunensis (Myristicaceae) seeds by hornbills in DR Congo.

Franck Trolliet, Pierre-Michel Forget, Marie-Claude Huynen and Alain Hambuckers. 2017. Forest cover, hunting pressure, and fruit availability influence seed dispersal in a forest-savanna mosaic in the Congo Basin. Biotropica, Early view DOI: 10.1111/btp.12417

Area surrounding the WWF Malebo Research Station in Bandundu province, western Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R. Congo) (c) Franck Trolliet) Fruit and seeds of Staudtia kamerunensis (Myristicaceae) (c) Pierre-Michel Forget