Mardi 7 Novembre   à BRUNOY

9h30-10h00                Anne-Claire Fabre

Origine et évolution des comportements de saisie chez les primates : relations formes-fonctions chez les taxons actuels et inférences pour des espèces éteintes

10h00-10h20             Julien Courant

Diet shifts in introduced populations: Possible causes and effect

10h20-10h50             Fathia Djelti

Glucose homeostasis and olfaction in overweight mouse lemurs

10h50-11h05              Break

11h05-11h25              Yoan Paillet

The indicator side of tree microhabitats: a multitaxonomic approach

11h25—11h45            Fanny Pages

La déformation des os et son influence sur les études morphométriques

11h45-12h                  Grégoire Ambroise

Ontogeny of the manual motor systems in a comparative approach in two Primates

12h-12h15                  Maxime Taverne

An engineering approach to understanding the functional and ecological implications of small-scale morphological variation in an evolutionary context

Mercredi 8 Novembre à PARIS

9h30-10h00                Pauline Provini

From bird take-off to fish feeding: 3D motion analysis of the animal and its environment

10h00-10h20             Julie Royo

Cognitive performances and neurogenesis during aging in a non-human primate

10h20-10h35              Rémi Lefèbvre

Towards extreme gigantism - Long bone inner and outer adaptations in sauropodomorph dinosaurs

10h35-10h50 Break

10h50-11h10              Caroline Dracxler

Effects of fruit availability on seed dispersal and seed predation of a masting palm species in a fully preserved Amazonian forest

11h10-11h40              Sam Van Wassenbergh

The biomechanics of feeding in fishes

11h40-12h00             Andy Ho & Robert Zimmermann

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12h00-13h15 LUNCH

13h15-13h45              Christine Böhmer

From Genes to Fossils: Investigating the Evolution of Vertebrates through Deep Time

13h45-14h15             Arnaud Faille

Cave fauna: A model for the study of Evolution

14h15-14h45              Banty Tia

Recognition of facial expressions in the mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus)

14h45-15h                  Christophe Mallet

Long bone morphological and microanatomical adaptation to graviportality in Rhinocerotoidea

15h00-15h15              Break

15h15-15h45              Benjamin Yguel

Is tropical forest resilient to selective logging with 30 years rotation cycles?

15h45-16h05              Nicolas Dubos

Body size variation in French songbirds: The hotter the battle the sweeter the temperature anomaly effect

16h05-16h35              Tian Li

Le rôle de l’impact anthropogénique et du changement climatique sur la dynamique de la structure végétale dans l’aire protégée d’Antrema, Madagascar