Ali Khabazi soutiendra sa thèse de doctorat lundi 26 juin à 14h, dans l'amphi de la galerie d'Anatomie comparée et paléontologie.  Vous y êtes cordialement invités.

Comparative anatomy of the development of the osteo-muscular system of birds. Implications of functional constraints on growth.

We investigated the impact of contrasting mechanical constrains on duck leg structure (Anas platyrhynchos) to understand the influence of the environment on phenotypic variability. Ducks were raised under four experimental conditions: 1/ restricted walking, 2/ free walking 3/ increased walking 4/ walking and swimming. The twenty-eight muscles and three long bones of the leg of these birds were measured. A comparison was made between locomotive devices of quail, ducks and magpies to establish a link between the types of walking and the morphology of the legs. The results show that the muscles are mainly affected by a restriction of movement, while the bones are mainly affected by an increase in exercise. The variations in the shape of the bones mainly affect the knee. This joint is also the one that shows the most variability during the locomotion of the different compared species.

Pr Christine Leterrier, INRA, rapporteuse
Pr Hervé Remignon, INRA,rapporteur
Pr Christine Lefevre, MNHN, examinatrice
Dr Anick Abourachid MNHN directrice de  thèse.