En voici le programme


9h15 Welcome

9h30 Nicolas

Mimicking loss of available ressources : cognition and behaviour in the grey mouse lemur under short-term caloric restriction

10h Liz

Apodemus sylvaticus and Apodemus flavicollis: species differences and variation

10h30 Marion

Water as a driver of evolution: the example of aquatic snakes

11h-11h15 break

11h15 Sara

Seniordog: a cohort study about dog aging

11h45 Helder

Evolutionary convergences and morpho-functional analyses: two case studies in mammals

12h15 Julien


12h45 – 14h Break - Lunch at the lab

14h Julie

Life-history trade-offs in a heterothermic primate

14h30 Rémi

Endocranial variability within snakes

15h Ali

Changes in musculoskeletal system of ducks caused by several mechanical constraints

15h30 Chloé

Structuring genetic and taxonomic diversity in gut microbes of lizards affected by a quick dietary change

16 – 16h15 break

16h15 Léo

3D geometric morphometrics of the mustelid forelimb

16h45 Pauline

Behavioural flexibility versus morphological stasis? Heritability of behavioral traits relative to morphological and functional traits

17h15 End of the first day

Cocktail party


9h30 Ameline

Interdisciplinary approach on the evolution on the human hand

10h Kelly

Morphology of the Weberian apparatus and otoliths of serrasalmid fishes in relation to feeding ecology

10h30 Manon

Demographic responses of birds to global changes in space

11h-11h15 break

11h15 Laureline

Thermal Ecology & social thermoregulation of Southern elephant seals (Mirounga leonina) during their moult

11h45 Fathia

Higher plasma glucose was associated with poor mnesic performance and hippocampal atrophy in a non human primate

12h15 Monica

The adaptive landscape of a polymorphic mimetic butterfly

12h45 end