Mécanismes adaptatifs & Evolution

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Mouse lemur Workshop 2015

L'équipe BIOADAPT de l'UMR MECADEV accueillera les 8 et 9 octobre prochains dans l'amphithéatre de la Grande Galerie de l'Evolution, un workshop international consacré à la recherche fondamentale et ...

Launching of the first regulatory training on the use of free-ranging, wild animals in research

The use of animals for scientific purposes has to strictly adhere to legal and ethical rules, set at national and international levels. In 2013, in France, it became mandatory that all persons using ...

A new paper of BIOADAPT in Oecologia (with press release)

Abstract Timing of winter phenotype expression determines individual chances of survival until the next reproductive season. Environmental cues triggering this seasonal phenotypic transition have ...

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