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Archives : April 2016

Enhanced adiposity without increased appetite | Comments: 0

Jacques Epelbaum, from BIOADAPT, co-authored a publication on Enhanced adiposity without increased appetite in Science Signalling. available at

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Regulation of growth hormone secretion | Comments: 0

Jacques Epelbaum published a paper on regulation of growth hormone secretion in Comprehensive Physiology Steyn FJ, Tolle V, Chen C & Epelbaum J. 2016. Neuroendocrine regulation of growth hormone secretion. Comprehensive Physiology 6: 687-735. It

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New on Mimicry refinement in butterflies | Comments: 0

Marc Théry from BIOADAPT co-authored a publication on mimicry refinement in butterflies in the Journal of Animal Ecology Mérot C, Le Poul Y, Théry M & Joron M. 2016. Mimicry refinement: Phenotypic variations tracking the local optimum. Journal of

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Monica Arias published a paper on polymorphic mimetic butterflies | Comments: 0

in the Proceedings of the Royal Society Arias M, Le Poul Y, Chouteau M, Boisseau R, Rosser N, Théry M & Llaurens V. 2016. Crossing fitness valleys: empirical estimation of a fitness landscape associated with polymorphic mimicry. Proceedings of

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Monica Arias published a paper on mimetic butterflies in Evolutionary Ecology | Comments: 0

Arias M, Mappes J, Théry M & Llaurens V. 2016. Inter-species variation in unpalatibility does not explain polymorphism in a mimectic species. Evolutionary Ecology: 10.1007/s10682-015-9815-2

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Body mass loss correlates with cognitive performance in primates under accute caloric restriction conditions | Comments: 0

Nicolas Villain  published a paper on cognitive performance and body mass loss in Behavioural Brain Research. Villain N, Picq JL, Aujard F & Pifferi F. 2016. Body mass loss correlates with cognitive performance in primates under accute caloric

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Predicting the cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease | Comments: 0

Jacques Epelbaum co-published the following article: Vidal JS, Hanaon O, Funalot B, Brunel N, Viollet C, Rigaud AS, Seux ML Le Bouc Y, Epelbaum J & Duron E. 2016 Low serum insulin-like growth factor-I predicts cognitive decline in Alzheimer's

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Light pollution and melatonine concentration | Comments: 0

A new publication in the  Journal of Mammalogy by three members of BIOADAPT explore the influence of light pollution on mélatonine concentration in microcebes. Le Tallec T, Théry M & Perret M. 2016. Melatonin concentrations and timing of 

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Mélissa Martin and Gwendolen Rodgers, ex post-docs in BIOADAPT, published a paper in Biology Letters | Comments: 0

Martin M, Théry M, Rodgers, Goven D, Sourice S, Mège P & Secondi J. 2016. UV wavelengths experienced during development affect larval newt visual sensitivity and predation efficiency. Biology Letters 12: 20150954. Abstract We experimentally

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UV - Vision in Caudata | Comments: 0

Marc Thery co-authored  the following publication on UV-vision in Caudata: Mège P, Ödeen A, Théry M, Picard D & Secondi J. 2016. Partial opsin sequences suggest UV-sensitive vision is widespread in Caudata. Evolutionary Biology 4: 109-118.

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Les microhabitats des arbres : facteurs d'influence, lien avec la biodiversité et potentiel indicateur | Comments: 0

Par Yoan PAILLET, doctorant de l’équipe ECOTROP, UMR 7179 MECADEV - Mécanismes adaptatifs et évolution, et de l’équipe Interactions gestion forestière et biodiversité spécifique, UR IRSTEA EFNO - Ecosystèmes forestiers

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