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Thursday, May 2 2019

Field work in the Zoo d'Upie - Jardin des Oiseaux

After a first visit with highly promising results, the team Avineck works again at the Zoo d'Upie - le Jardin des Oiseaux in order to collect some more data on the biomechanics of parrts.

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Wednesday, April 26 2017

1st meeting

Avineck is a highly interdisciplinary project and involves a number of collaborators.

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Saturday, April 1 2017

The neck of birds, an arm for robots

The evolution of flight in birds led to a highly specialized appendicular apparatus. The transformation into wings limited the functional versatility of the forelimbs and, thus, the avian neck became the functional equivalent of the arm. In combination with the beak, the head-neck system of birds acts as a tool-bearing arm.

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