6th meeting Avineck

The 6th meeting of the Avineck team will take place in Nantes during the first week of June 2019. This will be a highly productive meeting!

The goal of this meeting is to encourage discussion between the Avineck team members. Interdisciplinary team work is a complex process and consequently it is important to meet to facilitate exchange and collaboration.
Some of our group's recent achievements:
Böhmer C, Plateau O, Cornette R and Abourachid A (2019). Correlated evolution of neck length and leg length in birds. Royal Society Open Science 6: 181588. DOI: 10.1098/rsos.181588.

B. Fasquelle, M. Furet, A. Abourachid, C. Böhmer, D. Chablat, C. Chevallereau, P. Wenger, Modelling, design and control of a bird neck using tensegrity mechanisms, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Tensegrity Workshop, Montreal, Canada, 2019

Puverel C, Abourachid A, Böhmer C, Leban J-M and Paillet Y (2019). This is my spot: characteristics of trees bearing Black Woodpecker cavities. 8th International Woodpecker Meeting in Bialowieza, Poland.