I am a PhD student in vertebrate palaeontology, functional morphology and evolutionary biology, supervised by Prof. Alexandra Houssaye (GRAVIBONE ERC project - MNHN/CNRS, FR) and Prof. John R. Hutchinson (DAWNDINOS ERC project – The Royal Veterinary College, UK). I am studying how the femoral morphology of extinct archosaurs (dinosaurs and pseudosuchians) was functionally constrained by their locomotor diversity and variations of body mass using a combination of 3D tools, such as geometric morphometrics and statistic applied to 3D models of fossil and extant limb bones. I am also interested in intraspecific variability among dinosaurs and 3D retrodeformations of fossils distorted by taphonomic deformations.




Pintore, R., Houssaye, A., Nesbitt, S. J., & Hutchinson, J. R. (2022). Femoral specializations to locomotor habits in early archosauriforms. Journal of anatomy, 240(5), 867-892.

Pintore, R., Delapré, A., Lefebvre, R., Botton-Divet, L., Houssaye, A., & Cornette, R. (2022). The potential and limits of Thin-Plate Spline retrodeformation on asymmetrical objects: simulation of taphonomic deformations and application on a fossil sample of limb long bones. Comptes Rendus. Palevol, 21(9), 191-205.

Cuff, A. R., Demuth, O. E., Michel, K., Otero, A., Pintore, R., Polet, D. T., ... & Hutchinson, J. R. (2022). Walking—and Running and Jumping—with Dinosaurs and Their Cousins, Viewed Through the Lens of Evolutionary Biomechanics. Integrative and Comparative Biology.