Systematics, Evolution and Ecology of Tingidae (Insects, Heteroptera)

Systematics- Phylogeny- Ecology

Curator of Heteroptera collection

Cours manager “Phylogeny : support of the analysis of evolution.” ED 227 : “Sciences of Nature and Man”, MNHN.

cours manager of scientific accompaniment. "ED227 : "Sciences of Nature and Man", MNHN

Head of missions Cafotrop

Scientific career

Associate Professor at National Museum of Natural History since Januray, 1st 1998.

HDR “Systematics and Evolution of Tingidae (Insects, Heteroptera)” defended September, 11th 2006. University Paris VI

PhD of the National Museum of Natural History. Specialization on Tropical Ecology : “Arthropod Biodiversity in the canopy of two primary forests of New-Caledonia”, defended December, 9th 1994 with honors of the jury.