LabEx BCDiv project

Morphological convergence and functional inferences: an integrative study of the masticatory apparatus in rodents and extinct notoungulates

The partner UMRs of the LabEx leading this project are the CR2P (UMR7207, 8 rue Buffon, 75005 Paris), where my office is located, the MECADEV lab, and the ISYEB (UMR7205).

Collaborations: G. Billet (UMR7207), A. Herrel (this UMR), and R. Cornette (UMR7205).


Main research interests

  • Evolutionary biology of extant and extinct mammals, especially rodents

  • Study of the masticatory apparatus (dentition, skull, muscles)

  • Comparative anatomy, phylogeny, ecology, morpho-function and development