Lieu: Paris (Anatomie comparée)

Abstract: My research is on robotic legged locomotion and developing autonomous work capabilities in reticular structures. The intention is to supplement human labour in order to reduce cost and risk, as well as enhance the work capacity of the current labour force. In my approach I am looking at the tripedal behaviours of parrots, as both locomotion and foraging behaviours can be viewed as analogous of the capabilities we desire to emulate in robotics. The tripedal configuration represents an unexplored middle ground between bipedal and quadrupedal robotic morphologies. The bipedal inch-worm inspired robots are not very capable of significant work, and the costly and complex quadrupedal robots are often too heavy and cumbersome to implement. In my presentation I will address the needs of the robotics community and its significance, as well as present some preliminary results for experiments I’ve conducted with parrots.