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A la recherche des Collemboles dans les Mascareignes

Sandrine Salmon (ECOTROP, UMR MECADEV) et Cyrille D’Haese (UMR 7205 ISYEB) partent en mission en octobre 2015 sur l’île de la Réunion pour le projet intitulé "Communautés d’arthropodes du sol à l’Île ...
Variations in dung beetle assemblages across a gradient of hunting in a tropical forest

New paper in Ecological Indicators by the ECOTROP team

A new paper by the ECOTROP team was published in Ecological Indicators. This study examined dung beetle assemblages in rain forest along a gradient of mammal’s defaunation.  The site with the most ...

New paper in Journal of Tropical Ecology by the ECOTROP team

A new paper by the ECOTROP team was published in Journal of Tropical Ecology as FirstView Article. The study analyses the effect of frugivores satiation during three masting events that occured ...

Postdoctoral position available in the lab

Tropical Ecology Group Post-doctoral researcher to link fruit traits, tree diversity and animal-plant interaction networks in Asian tropical rainforests. Salary: ±2500 Euro/month (± 2000 Euro net) ...
Ecotropica 20 Picart et al.indd

New paper in ECOTROPICA by the ECOTROP team

A new paper was recently published in Ecotropica published by the Society for Tropical Ecology that involves members of the ECOTROP team. The article describes the Cafotrop method which aims at ...

Bat Conservation International awarded Sheema Abdul Aziz

Bat Conservation International has selected the Thesis Research Project of Sheema Abdul Aziz "Project Pteropus: Interactions between Fying Foxes, Plants and People on Tioman Island - Implications for ...

Sheema Abdul Aziz awarded for her thesis work

Sheema Abdul Aziz was recently awarded a Rufford Small Grant for her work on flying foxes (Pteropus hypomelanus) and ecosystem services. She also won a travel award from ATBC to give a talk on ...

La Guyan' à Panam'

Aurélie Albert et Pierre-Michel Forget sont auteurs d’un article présentant les interactions plantes-animaux et prédateurs-proies au sein de la biozone Amazonie-Guyane du Parc Zoologique de Paris ...

Pierre-Michel Forget élu vice-Président de la Society for Tropical Ecology - gtö

  The Society for Tropical Ecology (formerly Gesellschaft für Tropenökologie e.V., gtö) promotes and communicates new and emerging knowledge among tropical ecologists to advance the understanding of ...

Interaction networks in Thailand

First fieldwork of Aurélie Albert (April-May) and Pierre-Michel Forget (May), in collaboration with Colin Fontaine (CESCO, MNHN, Paris) and Géraldine Véron (ISYEB, MNHN, Paris) in Thailand. This ...