Annual meeting of vertebrate palaeontologists (AKW) in Vienna

The vertebrate palaeontology meeting (AKW) of the German Palaeontological Association took place in Vienna. The team of Avineck participated with a presentation and a poster in this inspiring conference.

The meeting was held in the Natural History Museum in Vienna (Austria). The museum is home to world-famous objects such as the Steller's sea cow that became extinct over 200 years ago. About 60 scientists work on projects varying from earth sciences, life sciences to human sciences.

Avineck postdoc Christine Böhmer and Avineck master's student Olivia Plateau presented their work on the evolution and functional morphology of the neck in birds.

The next AKW will take place near Munich in March 2020!

Have a look at the website of the German Palaeontological Society for more information.

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