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Bardo A., Borel A., Meunier H., Guéry J-P., Pouydebat E Manual abilities in great apes during a tool use task. 2016 détails   openurl
Borel A., Chèze L., Pouydebat E. Sequence analysis of grip and manipulation during tool using tasks: a new method to analyze hand use strategies and examine human specificities. 2016 détails   openurl
Botton-Divet, L.; Cornette, R.; Fabre, A.-C.; Herrel, A.; Houssaye, A. Morphological Analysis of Long Bones in Semi-aquatic Mustelids and their Terrestrial Relatives 2016 Integrative and Comparative Biology 56 1298-1309 détails   doi
Böhmer, C.; Heissig, K.; Rössner, G.E. Dental Eruption Series and Replacement Pattern in Miocene Prosantorhinus (Rhinocerotidae) as Revealed by Macroscopy and X-ray: Implications for Ontogeny and Mortality Profile 2016 Journal of Mammalian Evolution 23 265-279 détails   doi
Cibot M., Krief S., Philippon J., Couchoud P., Seguya A., Pouydebat E. Hand and Foot Impairments of Wild Adult Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii): consequences on Behavioral and Functional capabilities during Feeding. 2016 détails   doi
Ebong, S.M.A.; Petit, E.; Le Gall, P.; Chen, P.-P.; Nieser, N.; Guilbert, E.; Njiokou, F.; Marsollier, L.; Guegan, J.-F.; Pluot-Sigwalt, D.; Eyangoh, S.; Harry, M. Molecular Species Delimitation and Morphology of Aquatic and Sub-Aquatic Bugs (Heteroptera) in Cameroon 2016 Plos One 11 détails   openurl
Fabre, A.-C.; Bickford, D.; Segall, M.; Herrel, A. The impact of diet, habitat use, and behavior on head shape evolution in homalopsid snakes. 2016 Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 118 634-647 détails   openurl
Fau, M.; Cornette, R.; Houssaye, A. Photogrammetry for 3D digitizing bones of mounted skeletons: Potential and limits 2016 Comptes Rendus Palevol 15 968-977 détails   doi
Granatosky, M.C.; Tripp, C.H.; Fabre, A.-C.; Schmitt, D. Patterns of quadrupedal locomotion in a vertical clinging and leaping primate (Propithecus coquereli) with implications for understanding the functional demands of primate quadrupedal locomotion 2016 American Journal of Physical Anthropology 160 644-652 détails   doi
Guevara, E.A.; Santander G., T.; Soria, A.; Henry, P.-Y. Status of the Northern Silvery Grebe Podiceps juninensis in the northern Andes: recent changes in distribution, population trends and conservation needs 2016 Bird Conservation International 26 466-475 détails   doi
Guilbert E. & Heiss E. First fossil records of Tingidae from Madagascan Copal with description of two new species (Hemiptera, Heteroptera). 2016 Linzer Biologische Beiträge 48 1081-1090 détails   openurl
Herbin, M.; Simonis, C.; Reveret, L.; Hackert, R.; Libourel, P.-A.; Eugene, D.; Diaz, J.; de Waele, C.; Vidal, P.-P. Dopamine Modulates Motor Control in a Specific Plane Related to Support 2016 PloS one 11 e0155058 détails   doi
Honoré E., Rakza T., Deruelle P., Senut B., Pouydebat E. First identification of non-human hand stencils at Wadi Sura II (Egypt): a morphometric study for new insights into rock art symbolism. 2016 détails   openurl
Houssaye, A.; Fish, F.E. Functional (Secondary) Adaptation to an Aquatic Life in Vertebrates: An Introduction to the Symposium 2016 Integrative and Comparative Biology 56 1266-1270 détails   doi
Houssaye, A.; Fernandez, V.; Billet, G. Hyperspecialization in Some South American Endemic Ungulates Revealed by Long Bone Microstructure 2016 Journal of Mammalian Evolution 23 221-235 détails   doi
Houssaye, A.; Martin Sander, P.; Klein, N. Adaptive Patterns in Aquatic Amniote Bone Microanatomy-More Complex than Previously Thought 2016 Integrative and Comparative Biology 56 1349-1369 détails   doi
Klein, N.; Sander, P.M.; Krahl, A.; Scheyer, T.M.; Houssaye, A. Diverse Aquatic Adaptations in Nothosaurus spp. (Sauropterygia)-Inferences from Humeral Histology and Microanatomy 2016 PloS one 11 e0158448 détails   doi
Klein, N.; Sander, P.M.; Krahl, A.; Scheyer, T.M.; Houssaye, A. Diverse Aquatic Adaptations in Nothosaurus spp. (Sauropterygia)-Inferences from Humeral Histology and Microanatomy 2016 PloS one 11 e0158448 détails   doi
Le Tallec T.; Thery M.; Perret M. Melatonin concentrations and timing of seasonal reproduction in male mouse lemurs (Microcebus murinus) exposed to light pollution 2016 Journal of Mammalogy 97 753-760 détails   openurl
Marchal, L.; Guilbert, E. Cladistic analysis of Aradidae (Insecta, Heteroptera) based on morphological and molecular characters 2016 Zoologica Scripta 45 273-285 détails   openurl
Martin, M.; Thery, M.; Rodgers, G.; Goven, D.; Sourice, S.; Mege, P.; Secondi, J. UV wavelengths experienced during development affect larval newt visual sensitivity and predation efficiency 2016 Biology Letters 12 détails   openurl
McHenry, M.J.; Anderson, P.S.L.; Van Wassenbergh, S.; Matthews, D.G.; Summers, A.P.; Patek, S.N. The comparative hydrodynamics of rapid rotation by predatory appendages 2016 The Journal of Experimental Biology 219 3399-3411 détails   doi
Mege, P.; Odeen, A.; Thery, M.; Picard, D.; Secondi, J. Partial Opsin Sequences Suggest UV-Sensitive Vision is Widespread in Caudata 2016 Evolutionary Biology 43 109-118 détails   openurl
Merot, C.; Le Poul, Y.; Thery, M.; Joron, M. Refining mimicry: phenotypic variation tracks the local optimum 2016 The Journal of Animal Ecology 85 1056-1069 détails   doi
Michel KB; Aerts P; Van Wassenbergh S. Environment-dependent prey capture in the Atlantic mudskipper (Periophthalmus barbarus) 2016 Biology Open 5 1735-1742 détails   doi
Peckre, L.; Fabre, A.-C.; Wall, C.E.; Brewer, D.; Ehmke, E.; Haring, D.; Shaw, E.; Welser, K.; Pouydebat, E. Holding-on: co-evolution between infant carrying and grasping behaviour in strepsirrhines 2016 Scientific Reports 6 37729 détails   doi
Ponge, JF Le ver de terre: ami ou ennemi? 2016 La Forêt Privée 347 58-63 détails   url
Ponge, JF The soil under the microscope: the optical examination of a small area of Scots pine litter (Pinus sylvestris L.) 2016 The soil under the microscope: the optical examination of a small area of Scots pine litter (Pinus sylvestris L.) 152 pp. détails   doi
Rojas, E.R.; Sueur, C.; Henry, P.-Y.; Doligez, B.; Wey, G.; Dehorter, O.; Massemin, S. Network Analysis Shows Asymmetrical Flows within a Bird Metapopulation 2016 PloS one 11 e0166701 détails   doi
Segall, M.; Cornette, R.; Fabre, A.-C.; Godoy-Diana, R.; Herrel, A. Does aquatic foraging impact head shape evolution in snakes? 2016 Proceedings Of The Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 283 détails   openurl
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