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Lefoulon, E.; Bain, O.; Makepeace, B.L.; D'Haese, C.; Uni, S.; Martin, C.; Gavotte, L. Breakdown of coevolution between symbiotic bacteria Wolbachia and their filarial hosts 2016 PeerJ 4 e1840 détails   doi
M, H.; Joubert S, C.; Jl, S. Changes in Pancreatic Islet Mass in Grey Mouse Lemurs (Microcebus murinus) Submitted to Caloric Restriction or Resveratrol Administration 2016 Journal of Cytology & Histology 07 détails   doi
M, H.; Joubert S, C.; Jl, S.; Perret, M.; Aujard, F. Changes in Pancreatic Islet Mass in Grey Mouse Lemurs (Microcebus murinus) Submitted to Caloric Restriction or Resveratrol Administration 2016 Journal of Cytology & Histology 07 détails   doi
Marchal, L.; Guilbert, E. Cladistic analysis of Aradidae (Insecta, Heteroptera) based on morphological and molecular characters 2016 Zoologica Scripta 45 273-285 détails   openurl
Martin, M.; Thery, M.; Rodgers, G.; Goven, D.; Sourice, S.; Mege, P.; Secondi, J. UV wavelengths experienced during development affect larval newt visual sensitivity and predation efficiency 2016 Biology Letters 12 détails   openurl
McHenry, M.J.; Anderson, P.S.L.; Van Wassenbergh, S.; Matthews, D.G.; Summers, A.P.; Patek, S.N. The comparative hydrodynamics of rapid rotation by predatory appendages 2016 The Journal of Experimental Biology 219 3399-3411 détails   doi
Mege, P.; Odeen, A.; Thery, M.; Picard, D.; Secondi, J. Partial Opsin Sequences Suggest UV-Sensitive Vision is Widespread in Caudata 2016 Evolutionary Biology 43 109-118 détails   openurl
Merot, C.; Le Poul, Y.; Thery, M.; Joron, M. Refining mimicry: phenotypic variation tracks the local optimum 2016 The Journal of Animal Ecology 85 1056-1069 détails   doi
Michel KB; Aerts P; Van Wassenbergh S. Environment-dependent prey capture in the Atlantic mudskipper (Periophthalmus barbarus) 2016 Biology Open 5 1735-1742 détails   doi
Peckre, L.; Fabre, A.-C.; Wall, C.E.; Brewer, D.; Ehmke, E.; Haring, D.; Shaw, E.; Welser, K.; Pouydebat, E. Holding-on: co-evolution between infant carrying and grasping behaviour in strepsirrhines 2016 Scientific Reports 6 37729 détails   doi
Ponge, JF Le ver de terre: ami ou ennemi? 2016 La Forêt Privée 347 58-63 détails   url
Ponge, JF The soil under the microscope: the optical examination of a small area of Scots pine litter (Pinus sylvestris L.) 2016 The soil under the microscope: the optical examination of a small area of Scots pine litter (Pinus sylvestris L.) 152 détails   doi
Rojas, E.R.; Sueur, C.; Henry, P.-Y.; Doligez, B.; Wey, G.; Dehorter, O.; Massemin, S. Network Analysis Shows Asymmetrical Flows within a Bird Metapopulation 2016 PloS one 11 e0166701 détails   doi
Segall, M.; Cornette, R.; Fabre, A.-C.; Godoy-Diana, R.; Herrel, A. Does aquatic foraging impact head shape evolution in snakes? 2016 Proceedings Of The Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 283 détails   openurl
Slimani N., Chen P.P., Nieser N., Moulet P., Ribeiro J.R.I., Boumaïza M. & Guilbert E. Annotated check-list of semi-aquatic bugs of Tunisia, with detailed Faunistic Survey of North Tunisia (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Gerromorpha) 2016 Entomologica Americana 122 55-71 détails   openurl
Soulier-Perkins, A.; Stroinski, A. A New Lophopid Genus In The Biogeographic Mozaic Of The Family (Hemiptera: Fulgormorpha: Lophopidae) 2016 Annales Zoologici 66 213-225 détails   openurl
Thomas, P.; Herrel, A.; Hardy, I.; Aujard, F.; Pouydebat, E. Exploration Behavior and Morphology are Correlated in Captive Gray Mouse Lemurs (Microcebus murinus) 2016 International Journal of Primatology 37 405-415 détails   doi
Thomas, P.; Pouydebat, E.; Brazidec, M.L.; Aujard, F.; Herrel, A. Determinants of pull strength in captive grey mouse lemurs 2016 Journal of Zoology 298 77-81 détails   doi
Trolliet, F.; Serckx, A.; Forget, P.-M.; Beudels-Jamar, R.C.; Huynen, M.-C.; Hambuckers, A. Ecosystem services provided by a large endangered primate in a forest-savanna mosaic landscape 2016 Biological Conservation 203 55-66 détails   doi
Van Wassenbergh, S.; Heiss, E. Phenotypic flexibility of gape anatomy fine-tunes the aquatic prey-capture system of newts 2016 Scientific Reports 6 29277 détails   doi
Villain, N.; Picq, J.-L.; Aujard, F.; Pifferi, F. Body mass loss correlates with cognitive performance in primates under acute caloric restriction conditions 2016 Behavioural Brain Research 305 157-163 détails   doi
Vuarin, P.; Henry, P.-Y.; Perret, M.; Pifferi, F. Dietary Supplementation with n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Reduces Torpor Use in a Tropical Daily Heterotherm 2016 Physiological and Biochemical Zoology : PBZ 89 536-545 détails   doi
Wang, M.; Wang, Y.; Soulier-Perkins, A. Neither Menoscinae nor Lophopinae, a new genus that challenges the current classification of the Lophopidae Stal, 1866 (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha) 2016 European Journal Of Entomology 113 233-239 détails   openurl
Wang, M.L.; Soulier-Perkins, A.; Wang, Y.L.; Bourgoin, T. Taxonomic updates and descriptions of four new Lophopini planthopper species (Hemiptera, Fulgoroidea, Lophopidae) from Yunnan province, South China 2016 European Journal Of Taxonomy 185 1-25 détails   openurl
Albert, A.; Auffret, A.G.; Cosyns, E.; Cousins, S.A.O.; D'hondt, B.; Eichberg, C.; Eycott, A.E.; Heinken, T.; Hoffmann, M.; Jaroszewicz, B.; Malo, J.E.; Mårell, A.; Mouissie, M.; Pakeman, R.J.; Picard, M.; Plue, J.; Poschlod, P.; Provoost, S.; Schulze, K.A.; Baltzinger, C. Seed dispersal by ungulates as an ecological filter: a trait-based meta-analysis 2015 Oikos n/a-n/a détails   doi
Albert, A.; Mårell, A.; Picard, M.; Baltzinger, C. Using basic plant traits to predict ungulate seed dispersal potential 2015 Ecography 38 440-449 détails   doi
Ameline Bardo; Antony Borel; Jean Pascal Guéry; Mathilde Lemaire; Emeline Lempereur; Emmanuelle Pouydebat Manipulative Abilities for the Same Tool Use Task in Different Species of Primates 2015 Folia Primatologica; International Journal of Primatology 86 243 détails   doi
Bardet, N.; Houssaye, A.; Vincent, P.; Pereda Suberbiola, X.; Amaghzaz, M.; Jourani, E.; Meslouh, S. Mosasaurids (Squamata) from the Maastrichtian Phosphates of Morocco: Biodiversity, palaeobiogeography and palaeoecology based on tooth morphoguilds 2015 Gondwana Research 27 1068-1078 détails   doi
Bardo, A.; Pouydebat, E.; Meunier, H. Do bimanual coordination, tool use, and body posture contribute equally to hand preferences in bonobos? 2015 Journal of Human Evolution 82 159-169 détails   doi
Biggar, K.K.; Wu, C.-W.; Tessier, S.N.; Zhang, J.; Pifferi, F.; Perret, M.; Storey, K.B. Modulation of Gene Expression in Key Survival Pathways During Daily Torpor in the Gray Mouse Lemur, Microcebus murinus 2015 Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics 13 111-118 détails   doi
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