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Manzano, A.S.; Herrel, A.; Fabre, A.-C.; Abdala, V. Variation in brain anatomy in frogs and its possible bearing on their locomotor ecology 2017 Journal of Anatomy détails   doi
Meillère, A.; Brischoux, F.; Henry, Pierre-Yves; Michaud, B.; Garcin, R.; Angelier, F. Growing in a city: Consequences on body size and plumage quality in an urban dweller, the house sparrow (Passer domesticus) 2017 Landscape and Urban Planning 160 127-138 détails   doi
Olivier, C.; Houssaye, A.; Jalil, N.-E.; Cubo, J. First palaeohistological inference of resting metabolic rate in an extinct synapsid, Moghreberia nmachouensis (Therapsida: Anomodontia) 2017 Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 121 409-419 détails   doi
Paillet, Y.; Archaux, F.; Boulanger, V.; Debaive, N.; Fuhr, M.; Gilg, O.; Gosselin, F.; Guilbert, E. Snags and large trees drive higher tree microhabitat densities in strict forest reserves. 2017 Forest Ecology And Management 389 176-186 détails   openurl
Parmentier, E; Raick, X; Lecchini, D; Boyle, K; Van Wassenbergh, S; Bertucci, F; Kéver, L Unusual sound production mechanism in the triggerfish Rhinecanthus aculeatus (Balistidae) 2017 Journal of Experimental Biology 220 186-193 détails   doi
Ponge, JF Evolution and transitions in complexity: the science of hierarchical organization in nature. By Gerard A. J. M. Jagers op Akkerhuis 2017 Bioscience 67 672-674 détails   doi
Rahman, A.; Lamberty, Y.; Schenker, E.; Cella, M.; Languille, S.; Bordet, R.; Richardson, J.; Pifferi, F.; Aujard, F. Effects of acute administration of donepezil or memantine on sleep-deprivation-induced spatial memory deficit in young and aged non-human primate grey mouse lemurs (Microcebus murinus) 2017 PloS one 12 e0184822 détails   doi
Rebout, N.; Thierry, B.; Sanna, A.; Cozzolino, R.; Aujard, F.; De Marco, A.; Tregenza, T. Female mate choice and male-male competition in Tonkean macaques: Who decides? 2017 Ethology 123 365-375 détails   doi
Salmon, S. Changes in humus forms, soil invertebrate communities and soil functioning with forest dynamics 2017 Applied Soil Ecology détails   doi
Sarthou, C; Pavoine, S; Gasc, JP; de Massary, JC; Ponge, JF From inselberg to inselberg: floristic patterns across scales in French Guiana (South America) 2017 Flora 229 147-158 détails   doi
Secondi, J.; Dupont, V.; Davranche, A.; Mondy, N.; Lengagne, T.; Thery, M. Variability of surface and underwater nocturnal spectral irradiance with the presence of clouds in urban and peri-urban wetlands 2017 PloS one 12 e0186808 détails   doi
Secondi, J.; Martin, M.; Goven, D.; Mege, P.; Sourice, S.; Thery, M. Habitat-related variation in the plasticity of a UV-sensitive photoreceptor over a small spatial scale in the palmate newt 2017 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 30 1229-1235 détails   openurl
Shrubovych, J.; Starý, J.; D'Haese, C.A. Molecular Phylogeny of Acerentomidae (Protura), with Description ofAcerentuloides bernardisp. nov. from North America 2017 Florida Entomologist 100 433-443 détails   doi
Slimani N., Guilbert E., El Ayni F., Jrad A., Boumaiza M. & Thioulouse J. The use of STATICO and COSTATIS, two exploratory three-ways analysis methods – An application to the ecology of aquatic heteroptera in the Medjerda watershed (Tunisia). 2017 Environmental and Ecological Statistics (sous presse) détails   openurl
Stevens, M.I.; D'Haese, C.A. Morphologically tortured: taxonomic placement of an Antarctic springtail (Collembola: Isotomidae) misguided by morphology and ecology 2017 Zoologica Scripta 46 180-187 détails   doi
Terrien, J.; Gaudubois, M.; Champeval, D.; Zaninotto, V.; Roger, L.; Riou, J.F.; Aujard, F. Metabolic and genomic adaptations to winter fattening in a primate species, the grey mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus) 2017 International Journal of Obesity (2005) détails   doi
Terrien, J.; Gaudubois, M.; Champeval, D.; Zaninotto, V.; Roger, L.; Riou, J.F.; Aujard, F. Metabolic and genomic adaptations to winter fattening in a primate species, the grey mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus) 2017 International Journal of Obesity (2005) détails   doi
Trolliet, F.; Forget, P.-M.; Doucet, J.-L.; Gillet, J.-F.; Hambuckers, A. Frugivorous birds influence the spatial organization of tropical forests through the generation of seedling recruitment foci under zoochoric trees 2017 Acta Oecologica 85 69-76 détails   doi
Trolliet, F.; Forget, P.-M.; Huynen, M.-C.; Hambuckers, A. Forest cover, hunting pressure, and fruit availability influence seed dispersal in a forest-savanna mosaic in the Congo Basin 2017 Biotropica 49 337-345 détails   doi
Van Wassenbergh, S; Bonte, C; Michel, K Terrestrial capture of prey by the reedfish, a model species for stem tetrapods 2017 Ecology and Evolution 7 3856-3860 détails   doi
Vanhee, B; Salmon, S; Devigne, C; Leprêtre, A; Deharveng, L; Ponge, JF The 'terril' effect: coal mine spoil tips select for collembolan functional traits in post-mining landscapes of northern France 2017 Applied Soil Ecology 121 90-101 détails   doi
Viollet, C.; Simon, A.; Tolle, V.; Labarthe, A.; Grouselle, D.; Loe-Mie, Y.; Simonneau, M.; Martel, G.; Epelbaum, J. Somatostatin-IRES-Cre Mice: Between Knockout and Wild-Type? 2017 Frontiers in Endocrinology 8 131 détails   doi
Zanella, A.; Ponge, J.-F.; Jabiol, B.; Sartori, G.; Kolb, E.; Le Bayon, R.-C.; Gobat, J.-M.; Aubert, M.; De Waal, R.; Van Delft, B.; Vacca, A.; Serra, G.; Chersich, S.; Andreetta, A.; Kõlli, R.; Brun, J.J.; Cools, N.; Englisch, M.; Hager, H.; Katzensteiner, K.; Brêthes, A.; De Nicola, C.; Testi, A.; Bernier, N.; Graefe, U.; Wolf, U.; Juilleret, J.; Garlato, A.; Obber, S.; Galvan, P.; Zampedri, R.; Frizzera, L.; Tomasi, M.; Banas, D.; Bureau, F.; Tatti, D.; Salmon, S.; Menardi, R.; Fontanella, F.; Carraro, V.; Pizzeghello, D.; Concheri, G.; Squartini, A.; Cattaneo, D.; Scattolin, L.; Nardi, S.; Nicolini, G.; Viola, F. Humusica 1, article 5: Terrestrial humus systems and forms -- Keys of classification of humus systems and forms 2017 Applied Soil Ecology détails   doi
Arias M.; Mappes J.; Thery M.; Llaurens V. Inter-species variation in unpalatibility does not explain polymorphism in a mimetic species 2016 Evolutionary Ecology 30 419-433 détails   openurl
Arias, M.; le Poul, Y.; Chouteau, M.; Boisseau, R.; Rosser, N.; Thery, M.; Llaurens, V. Crossing fitness valleys: empirical estimation of a fitness landscape associated with polymorphic mimicry 2016 Proceedings. Biological Sciences 283 détails   doi
Bardo A., Borel A., Meunier H., Guéry J-P., Pouydebat E Manual abilities in great apes during a tool use task. 2016 détails   openurl
Bardo, A.; Borel, A.; Meunier, H.; Guery, J.-P.; Pouydebat, E. Behavioral and functional strategies during tool use tasks in bonobos 2016 American Journal of Physical Anthropology 161 125-140 détails   doi
Borel A., Chèze L., Pouydebat E. Sequence analysis of grip and manipulation during tool using tasks: a new method to analyze hand use strategies and examine human specificities. 2016 détails   openurl
Botton-Divet, L.; Cornette, R.; Fabre, A.-C.; Herrel, A.; Houssaye, A. Morphological Analysis of Long Bones in Semi-aquatic Mustelids and their Terrestrial Relatives 2016 Integrative and Comparative Biology 56 1298-1309 détails   doi
Böhmer, C.; Heissig, K.; Rössner, G.E. Dental Eruption Series and Replacement Pattern in Miocene Prosantorhinus (Rhinocerotidae) as Revealed by Macroscopy and X-ray: Implications for Ontogeny and Mortality Profile 2016 Journal of Mammalian Evolution 23 265-279 détails   doi
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