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Stevens, M.I.; D'Haese, C.A. Islands in ice: isolated populations of Cryptopygus sverdrupi (Collembola) among nunataks in the Sør Rondane Mountains, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica 2014 Biodiversity 15 169-177 détails   doi
Tarragon, E.; Lopez, D.; Estrada, C.; Gonzalez-Cuello, A.; Ros, C.M.; Lamberty, Y.; Pifferi, F.; Cella, M.; Canovi, M.; Guiso, G.; Gobbi, M.; Fernandez-Villalba, E.; Blin, O.; Bordet, R.; Richardson, J.C.; Herrero, M.T. Memantine prevents reference and working memory impairment caused by sleep deprivation in both young and aged Octodon degus 2014 Neuropharmacology 85 206-14 détails   openurl
Thery, M. Identifying animal illusions requires neuronal and cognitive approaches: comment on Kelley and Kelley 2014 Behavioral Ecology 25 465-465 détails   openurl
Tricas, T. C.; Boyle, K. S. Acoustic behaviors in Hawai'i coral reef fish communities. 2014 Marine Ecology Progress Series 511 1-16 détails   openurl
Van Wassenbergh, S.; Dries, B.; Herrel, A. New Insights into Muscle Function during Pivot Feeding in Seahorses 2014 Plos One 9 détails   openurl
Vanhooydonck, B.; James, R.S.; Tallis, J.; Aerts, P.; Tadic, Z.; Tolley, K.A.; Measey, G.J.; Herrel, A. Is the whole more than the sum of its parts? Evolutionary trade-offs between burst and sustained locomotion in lacertid lizards 2014 Proceedings Of The Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 281 détails   openurl
Videlier, M.; Bonneaud, C.; Cornette, R.; Herrel, A. Exploration syndromes in the frog Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis: correlations with morphology and performance? 2014 Journal Of Zoology 294 206-213 détails   openurl
Vuarin, P.; Henry, P.-Y. Field evidence for a proximate role of food shortage in the regulation of hibernation and daily torpor: a review 2014 Journal Of Comparative Physiology B-Biochemical Systemic And Environmental Physiology 184 683-697 détails   openurl
Vuarin, P.; Henry, P.Y.; Guesnet, P.; Alessandri, J.M.; Aujard, F.; Perret, M.; Pifferi, F. Shallow hypothermia depends on the level of fatty acid unsaturation in adipose and liver tissues in a tropical heterothermic primate 2014 Journal Of Thermal Biology 43 81-88 détails   openurl
Watson, P.J.; Groning, F.; Curtis, N.; Fitton, L.C.; Herrel, A.; McCormack, S.W.; Fagan, M.J. Masticatory biomechanics in the rabbit: a multi-body dynamics analysis 2014 Journal of the Royal Society 11 détails   openurl
Yguel, B.; Bailey, R.I.; Villemant, C.; Brault, A.; Jactel, H.; Prinzing, A. Insect herbivores should follow plants escaping their relatives 2014 Oecologia 176 521-532 détails   doi
Albert, A.; Hambuckers, A.; Culot, L.; Savini, T.; Huynen, M.-C. Frugivory and Seed Dispersal by Northern Pigtailed Macaques (Macaca leonina), in Thailand 2013 International Journal Of Primatology 34 170-193 détails   openurl
Albert, A.; Huynen, M.-C.; Savini, T.; Hambuckers, A. Influence of Food Resources on the Ranging Pattern of Northern Pig-tailed Macaques (Macaca leonina) 2013 International Journal Of Primatology 34 696-713 détails   openurl
Albert, A.; Savini, T.; Huynen, M.-C. The Role Of Macaca Spp. (Primates: Cercopithecidae) In Seed Dispersal Networks 2013 Raffles Bulletin Of Zoology 61 423-434 détails   openurl
Ancel, A.; Beaulieu, M.; Gilbert, C. The different breeding strategies of penguins: a review 2013 Comptes Rendus Biologies 336 1-12 détails   doi

Babiloni, C.; Infarinato, F.; Aujard, F.; Bastlund, J.F.; Bentivoglio, M.; Bertini, G.; Del Percio, C.; Fabene, P.F.; Forloni, G.L.; Herrero Ezquerro, M.T.; Noe, F.M.; Pifferi, F.; Ros-Bernal, F.; Christensen, D.Z.; Dix, S.; Richardson, J.C.; Lamberty, Y.; Drinkenburg, W.; Rossini, P.M. Effects of pharmacological agents, sleep deprivation, hypoxia and transcranial magnetic stimulation on electroencephalographic rhythms in rodents: Towards translational challenge models for drug discovery in Alzheimer's disease 2013 Clinical Neurophysiology 124 437-451 détails   openurl
Bardo, A.; Meunier, H.; Pouydebat, E. Differential Manipulative Strategies in Great Apes during a New Complex Tool Use Task 2013 Folia Primatologica 84 246-247 détails   openurl
Bertrand, A.; Pasquier, A.; Petiet, A.; Wiggins, C.; Kraska, A.; Joseph-Mathurin, N.; Aujard, F.; Mestre-Frances, N.; Dhenain, M. Micro-MRI Study of Cerebral Aging: Ex Vivo Detection of Hippocampal Subfield Reorganization, Microhemorrhages and Amyloid Plaques in Mouse Lemur Primates 2013 Plos One 8 détails   openurl
Bojados, M.; Herbin, M.; Jamon, M. Kinematics of treadmill locomotion in mice raised in hypergravity 2013 Behavioural Brain Research 244 48-57 détails   openurl
Bonaconsa, M.; Colavito, V.; Pifferi, F.; Aujard, F.; Schenker, E.; Dix, S.; Grassi-Zucconi, G.; Bentivoglio, M.; Bertini, G. Cell Clocks and Neuronal Networks: Neuron Ticking and Synchronization in Aging and Aging-Related Neurodegenerative Disease 2013 Current Alzheimer Research 10 597-608 détails   openurl
Borel, A.; Gaillard, C.; Moncel, M.-H.; Sala, R.; Pouydebat, E.; Simanjuntak, T.; Sémah, F. How to interpret informal flakes assemblages? Integrating morphological description, usewear and morphometric analysis gave better understanding of the behaviors of anatomically modern human from Song Terus (Indonesia) 2013 Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 32 630-646 détails   doi
Bowers, J.; Terrien, J.; Clerget-Froidevaux, M.S.; Gothie, J.D.; Rozing, M.P.; Westendorp, R.G.J.; van Heemst, D.; Demeneix, B.A. Thyroid Hormone Signaling and Homeostasis During Aging 2013 Endocrine Reviews 34 556-589 détails   openurl
Boyle, K.S.; Dewan, A.K.; Tricas, T.C. Fast drum strokes: Novel and convergent features of sonic muscle ultrastructure, innervation, and motor neuron organization in the pyramid butterflyfish (Hemitaurichthys polylepis) 2013 Journal Of Morphology 274 377-394 détails   openurl
Charles, C.; Sole, F.; Gomes Rodrigues, H.; Viriot, L. Under Pressure? Dental Adaptations To Termitophagy And Vermivory Among Mammals 2013 Evolution 67 1792-1804 détails   openurl
Chateil, C; Goldringer, I; Tarallo, L; Kerbiriou, C; Le Viol, I; Ponge, JF; Salmon, S; Gachet, S; Porcher, E Crop genetic diversity benefits farmland biodiversity in cultivated fields 2013 Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 171 25-32 détails   doi
Chazeau, C.; Marchal, J.; Hackert, R.; Perret, M.; Herrel, A. Proximate determinants of bite force capacity in the mouse lemur 2013 Journal Of Zoology 290 42-48 détails   openurl
Colavito, V.; Fabene, P.F.; Grassi-Zucconi, G.; Pifferi, F.; Lamberty, Y.; Bentivoglio, M.; Bertini, G. Experimental sleep deprivation as a tool to test memory deficits in rodents 2013 Frontiers in systems neuroscience 7 106-106 détails   openurl
Cornette, R.; Baylac, M.; Souter, T.; Herrel, A. Does shape co-variation between the skull and the mandible have functional consequences? A 3D approach for a 3D problem 2013 Journal Of Anatomy 223 329-336 détails   openurl
Cox, P.G.; Kirkham, J.; Herrel, A. Masticatory biomechanics of the Laotian rock rat, Laonastes aenigmamus, and the function of the zygomaticomandibularis muscle 2013 PeerJ 1 e160-e160 détails   openurl
Crevier-Denoix, N.; Falala, S.; Holden-Douilly, L.; Camus, M.; Martino, J.; Ravary-Plumioen, B.; Vergari, C.; Desquilbet, L.; Denoix, J.-M.; Chateau, H.; Pourcelot, P. Comparative kinematic analysis of the leading and trailing forelimbs of horses cantering on a turf and a synthetic surface 2013 Equine Veterinary Journal 45 54-61 détails   openurl
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