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Hilmer, M A model study of Arctic sea ice variability 2001 157 pp détails   openurl
Thomas, DN; Dieckmann, GS (eds) Sea ice – an introduction to its physics, chemistry, biology and geology 2003 402 pp détails   url
de Castellvi, J (ed) Actas des tercer symposium espanol de estudios Antarcticos. Gredos, 3 al 5 de octubre de 1989 1990 379 pp détails   openurl
Thibaud, J.-M.; D'Haese, C.A. Collemboles 2015 45-49 détails   openurl
détails   doi
détails   openurl
Heiss, E.; Handschuh, S.; Aerts, P.; Van Wassenbergh, S. A tongue for all seasons: extreme phenotypic flexibility in salamandrid newts 2017 7 détails   doi
Bardo, A.; Borel, A.; Meunier, H.; Guéry, J-P.; Pouydebat, E. Manual abilities in great apes during a tool use task. 2016 détails   openurl
Borel, A.; Chèze, L.; Pouydebat, E. Sequence analysis of grip and manipulation during tool using tasks: a new method to analyze hand use strategies and examine human specificities. 2016 détails   openurl
Honoré, E.; Rakza, T.; Deruelle, P.; Senut, B.; Pouydebat, E. First identification of non-human hand stencils at Wadi Sura II (Egypt): a morphometric study for new insights into rock art symbolism. 2016 détails   openurl
Cibot, M.; Krief, S.; Philippon, J.; Couchoud, P.; Seguya, A.; Pouydebat, E. Hand and Foot Impairments of Wild Adult Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii): consequences on Behavioral and Functional capabilities during Feeding. 2016 détails   doi
Giret, N.; Albert, A.; Nagle, L.; Kreutzer, M.; Bovet, D. Context-related vocalizations in African grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus) 2012 Acta Ethologica 15 39-46 détails   openurl
Trolliet, F.; Forget, P.-M.; Doucet, J.-L.; Gillet, J.-F.; Hambuckers, A. Frugivorous birds influence the spatial organization of tropical forests through the generation of seedling recruitment foci under zoochoric trees 2017 Acta Oecologica 85 69-76 détails   doi
Ponge, JF Les collemboles, indicateurs du type d'humus en milieu forestier: résultats obtenus au Sud de Paris 1983 Acta Oecologica, Oecologia Generalis 4 359-374 détails   url
Forget, P.-M.; Jordano, P.; Lambert, J.E.; Boehning-Gaese, K.; Traveset, A.; Joseph Wright, S. Frugivores and seed dispersal (1985-2010); the 'seeds' dispersed, established and matured 2011 Acta Oecologica-International Journal Of Ecology 37 517-520 détails   openurl
Thery, M. Fruits Eating And Seed Dispersal By The Blackbird (Turdus-Merula L) In A Temperate Suburban Area 1989 Acta Oecologica-Oecologia Applicata 10 271-285 détails   openurl
Henry, P.-Y.; Ollivier, P. Low immigration and high local recruitment in an isolated, coastal population of a declining grassland passerine, the Northern WheatearOenanthe oenanthe 2015 Acta Ornithologica 50 193-203 détails   doi
Nakajima, Y.; Houssaye, A.; Endo, H. Osteohistology of the Early Triassic ichthyopterygian reptile Utatsusaurus hataii: Implications for early ichthyosaur biology 2014 Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 59 343-352 détails   openurl
Dutertre, C.; Dubost, G.; Feer, F.; Henry, O.; Mauget, R. Behaviours of collared and white-lipped peccaries (Tayassu tajacu and T-pecari) in relation to sexual receptivity of the female 2001 Acta Theriologica 46 305-318 détails   openurl
Tulli, M.J.; Herrel, A.; Vanhooydonck, B.; Abdala, V. Is phylogeny driving tendon length in lizards? 2012 Acta Zoologica 93 319-329 détails   openurl
Arpin, P; Kilbertus, G; Ponge, JF; Vannier, G Importance de la microflore et de la microfaune en milieu forestier 1980 Actualités d'écologie forestière: sol, flore, faune 87-150 détails   url
Ponge, JF Les biocénoses des collemboles de la forêt de Sénart 1980 Actualités d'écologie forestière: sol, flore, faune 151-176 détails   url
Hackert, R.; Witte, H.; Fischer, M.S. Interactions between motions of the trunk and the angle of attack of the forelimbs in synchronous gaits of the pika (Ochotona rufescens) 2006 Adaptive Motion of Animals and Machines 69-77 détails   openurl
Thery, M.; Gomez, D. Insect Colours and Visual Appearance in the Eyes of Their Predators 2010 Advances In Insect Physiology: Insect Integument And Colour 38 267-353 détails   openurl
van Vliet, N.; Nasi, R.; Emmons, L.; Feer, F.; Mbazza, P.; Bourgarel, M. Evidence for the local depletion of bay duiker Cephalophus dorsalis, within the Ipassa Man and Biosphere Reserve, north-east Gabon 2007 African Journal Of Ecology 45 440-443 détails   openurl
Feer, F. Morphology Of Fruits Dispersed By African Forest Elephants 1995 African Journal Of Ecology 33 279-284 détails   openurl
Dal-Pan, A.; Terrien, J.; Pifferi, F.; Botalla, R.; Hardy, I.; Marchal, J.; Zahariev, A.; Chery, I.; Zizzari, P.; Perret, M.; Picq, J.L.; Epelbaum, J.; Blanc, S.; Aujard, F. Caloric restriction or resveratrol supplementation and ageing in a non-human primate: first-year outcome of the RESTRIKAL study in Microcebus murinus 2011 Age 33 15-31 détails   openurl
Languille, S.; Blanc, S.; Blin, O.; Canale, C.I.; Dal-Pan, A.; Devau, G.; Dhenain, M.; Dorieux, O.; Epelbaum, J.; Gomez, D.; Hardy, I.; Henry, P.Y.; Irving, E.A.; Marchal, J.; Mestre-Frances, N.; Perret, M.; Picq, J.L.; Pifferi, F.; Rahman, A.; Schenker, E.; Terrien, J.; Thery, M.; Verdier, J.M.; Aujard, F. The grey mouse lemur: A non-human primate model for ageing studies 2012 Ageing Research Reviews 11 150-162 détails   openurl
Djelti, F.; Dhenain, M.; Terrien, J.; Picq, J.-L.; Hardy, I.; Champeval, D.; Perret, M.; Schenker, E.; Epelbaum, J.; Aujard, F. Impaired fasting blood glucose is associated to cognitive impairment and cerebral atrophy in middle-aged non-human primates 2016 Aging 9 173-186 détails   doi
Chateil, C; Goldringer, I; Tarallo, L; Kerbiriou, C; Le Viol, I; Ponge, JF; Salmon, S; Gachet, S; Porcher, E Crop genetic diversity benefits farmland biodiversity in cultivated fields 2013 Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 171 25-32 détails   doi
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