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Abdala, V.; Manzano, A.S.; Herrel, A. The distal forelimb musculature in aquatic and terrestrial turtles: phylogeny or environmental constraints? 2008 Journal Of Anatomy 213 159-172 détails   openurl
Abdala, V.; Manzano, A.S.; Jose Tulli, M.; Herrel, A. The Tendinous Patterns in the Palmar Surface of the Lizard Manus: Functional Consequences for Grasping Ability 2009 Anatomical Record-Advances In Integrative Anatomy And Evolutionary Biology 292 842-853 détails   openurl
Abdel-Razak, S.I.; Matile-Ferrero, D.; Soulier-Perkins, A. Redescription of the red-striped soft scale, Pulvinaria tenuivalvata (Newstead), with a new synonymy (Hemiptera, Coccomorpha, Coccidae) 2017 Zookeys 101-107 détails   openurl
Aberle, N; Witte, U Deep-sea macrofauna exposed to a simulated sedimentation event in the abyssal NE Atlantic: in situ pulse-chase experiments using 13C-labelled phytodetritus 2003 Marine Ecology Progress Series 251 37-47 détails   url
Abgrall, C.; Chauvat, M.; Langlois, E.; Hedde, M.; Mouillot, D.; Salmon, S.; Winck, B.; Forey, E.; Jones, H. Shifts and linkages of functional diversity between above- and below-ground compartments along a flooding gradient 2017 Functional Ecology 31 350-360 détails   doi
Abourachid, A.; Fabre, A.-C.; Cornette, R.; Hofling, E. Foot shape in arboreal birds: two morphological patterns for the same pincer-like tool 2017 Journal of Anatomy détails   doi
Abourachid, A.; Hackert, R.; Gioanni, H.; Hugel, V. 3D Kinematics of the walk of the quail 2008 Comparative Biochemistry And Physiology A-Molecular & Integrative Physiology 150 S86-S86 détails   openurl
Abourachid, A.; Hackert, R.; Gioanni, H.; Hugel, V.; Blazevic, P. Biomechanical analysis of the quail walking: From avian walk to a bipedal robot 2006 Journal Of Ornithology 147 111-111 détails   openurl
Abourachid, A.; Hackert, R.; Herbin, M.; Libourel, P.A.; Lambert, F.; Gioanni, H.; Provini, P.; Blazevic, P.; Hugel, V. Bird terrestrial locomotion as revealed by 3D kinematics 2011 Zoology (Jena, Germany) 114 360-368 détails   doi
Abourachid, A.; Herbin, M.; Hackert, R.; Maes, L.; Martin, V. Experimental study of coordination patterns during unsteady locomotion in mammals 2007 The Journal of Experimental Biology 210 366-372 détails   doi
Abourachid, A.; Herbin, M.; Hackert, R.; Maes, L.; Martin, V. Gait analysis during unsteady locomotion 2007 Journal Of Morphology 268 1044-1044 détails   openurl
Abourachid, A.; Hoefling, E. The legs: a key to bird evolutionary success 2012 Journal Of Ornithology 153 S193-S198 détails   openurl
Adriaens, D.; Geerinckx, T.; Vlassenbroeck, J.; Van Hoorebeke, L.; Herrel, A. Extensive Jaw Mobility in Suckermouth Armored Catfishes (Loricariidae): A Morphological and Kinematic Analysis of Substrate Scraping Mode of Feeding 2009 Physiological And Biochemical Zoology 82 51-62 détails   openurl
Adriaens, D.; Herrel, A. Functional Consequences of Extreme Morphologies in the Craniate Trophic System 2009 Physiological And Biochemical Zoology 82 1-6 détails   openurl
Aerts, P.; van Damme, J.; Herrel, A. Intrinsic mechanics and control of fast cranio-cervical movements in aquatic feeding turtles 2001 American Zoologist 41 1299-1310 détails   openurl
Aerts, P.; Van Damme, R.; Vanhooydonck, B.; Zaaf, A.; Herrel, A. Lizard locomotion: How morphology meets ecology 2000 Netherlands Journal Of Zoology 50 261-277 détails   openurl
Aguirre, L.F.; Herrel, A.; Van Damme, R.; Matthysen, E. The implications of food hardness for diet in bats 2003 Functional Ecology 17 201-212 détails   openurl
Aguirre, L.F.; Herrel, A.; van Damme, R.; Matthysen, E. Ecomorphological analysis of trophic niche partitioning in a tropical savannah bat community 2002 Proceedings Of The Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 269 1271-1278 détails   openurl
Albert, A.; Auffret, A.G.; Cosyns, E.; Cousins, S.A.O.; D'hondt, B.; Eichberg, C.; Eycott, A.E.; Heinken, T.; Hoffmann, M.; Jaroszewicz, B.; Malo, J.E.; Mårell, A.; Mouissie, M.; Pakeman, R.J.; Picard, M.; Plue, J.; Poschlod, P.; Provoost, S.; Schulze, K.A.; Baltzinger, C. Seed dispersal by ungulates as an ecological filter: a trait-based meta-analysis 2015 Oikos n/a-n/a détails   doi
Albert, A.; Hambuckers, A.; Culot, L.; Savini, T.; Huynen, M.-C. Frugivory and Seed Dispersal by Northern Pigtailed Macaques (Macaca leonina), in Thailand 2013 International Journal Of Primatology 34 170-193 détails   openurl
Albert, A.; Huynen, M.-C.; Savini, T.; Hambuckers, A. Influence of Food Resources on the Ranging Pattern of Northern Pig-tailed Macaques (Macaca leonina) 2013 International Journal Of Primatology 34 696-713 détails   openurl
Albert, A.; McConkey, K.; Savini, T.; Huynen, M.-C. The value of disturbance-tolerant cercopithecine monkeys as seed dispersers in degraded habitats 2014 Biological Conservation 170 300-310 détails   openurl
Albert, A.; Mårell, A.; Picard, M.; Baltzinger, C. Using basic plant traits to predict ungulate seed dispersal potential 2015 Ecography 38 440-449 détails   doi
Albert, A.; Savini, T.; Huynen, M.-C. The Role Of Macaca Spp. (Primates: Cercopithecidae) In Seed Dispersal Networks 2013 Raffles Bulletin Of Zoology 61 423-434 détails   openurl
Albert, A.; Savini, T.; Huynen, M.-C. Sleeping Site Selection and Presleep Behavior in Wild Pigtailed Macaques 2011 American Journal Of Primatology 73 1222-1230 détails   openurl
Aldaya, M.M.; Lors, C.; Salmon, S.; Ponge, J.-F. Avoidance bio-assays may help to test the ecological significance of soil pollution 2006 Environmental pollution (Barking 140 173-80 détails   openurl
Alfaro, M.E.; Herrel, A. Introduction: Major issues of feeding motor control in vertebrates 2001 American Zoologist 41 1243-1247 détails   openurl
Aliyu, B.; Adamu, H.; Moltchanova, E.; Forget, P.M.; Chapman, H. The Interplay of Habitat and Seed Type on Scatterhoarding Behavior in a Fragmented Afromontane Forest Landscape 2014 Biotropica 46 264-267 détails   openurl
Alleaume, C.; Mrini, M.E.; Laloy, E.; Marchal, J.; Aujard, F.; Chahory, S. Scleral and corneal xanthomatous inflammation in a gray mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus) 2017 Veterinary Ophthalmology 20 177-180 détails   doi
Allemand, R.; Bardet, N.; Houssaye, A.; Vincent, P. New plesiosaurian specimens (Reptilia, Plesiosauria) from the Upper Cretaceous (Turonian) of Goulmima (Southern Morocco) 2018 Cretaceous Research 82 83-98 détails   doi
Allemand, R.; Bardet, N.; Houssaye, A.; Vincent, P. Virtual reexamination of a plesiosaurian specimen (Reptilia, Plesiosauria) from the Late Cretaceous (Turonian) of Goulmima, Morocco, using computed tomography 2017 Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 37 e1325894 détails   doi
Allemand, R.; Boistel, R.; Daghfous, G.; Blanchet, Z.; Cornette, R.; Bardet, N.; Vincent, P.; Houssaye, A. Comparative morphology of snake (Squamata) endocasts: evidence of phylogenetic and ecological signals 2017 Journal of Anatomy 231 849-868 détails   doi
Altermann, W.; Böhmer, C.; Gitter, F.; Heimann, F.; Heller, I.; Läuchli, B.; Putz, C. Defining biominerals and organominerals: Direct and indirect indicators of life. Perry et al., Sedimentary Geology, 201, 157-179 2009 Sedimentary Geology 213 150-151 détails   doi
Ameline Bardo; Antony Borel; Jean Pascal Guéry; Mathilde Lemaire; Emeline Lempereur; Emmanuelle Pouydebat Manipulative Abilities for the Same Tool Use Task in Different Species of Primates 2015 Folia Primatologica; International Journal of Primatology 86 243 détails   doi
Amon, RMW; BudE9us, G; Meon, B Dissolved organic carbon distribution and origin in the Nordic Seas: Exchanges with the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic 2003 Journal of Geophysical Research 108 détails   doi
Amy, M.; Monbureau, M.; Durand, C.; Gomez, D.; Thery, M.; Leboucher, G. Female canary mate preferences: differential use of information from two types of male-male interaction 2008 Animal Behaviour 76 971-982 détails   openurl
Ancel, A.; Beaulieu, M.; Gilbert, C. The different breeding strategies of penguins: a review 2013 Comptes Rendus Biologies 336 1-12 détails   doi
Ancel, A.; Beaulieu, M.; Le Maho, Y.; Gilbert, C. Emperor penguin mates: keeping together in the crowd 2009 Proceedings. Biological Sciences / The Royal Society 276 2163-2169 détails   doi
Anderson, R.A.; McBrayer, L.D.; Herrel, A. Bite force in vertebrates: opportunities and caveats for use of a nonpareil whole-animal performance measure 2008 Biological Journal Of The Linnean Society 93 709-720 détails   openurl
Andresen, E.; Feer, F. The role of dung beetles as secondary seed dispersers and their effect on plant regeneration in tropical rainforests 2005 Seed fate: predation 331-349 détails   openurl
Angst, D.; Buffetaut, E.; Abourachid, A. In defence of the slim dodo: a reply to Louchart and Mourer-Chauvire 2011 Naturwissenschaften 98 359-360 détails   openurl
Angst, D.; Buffetaut, E.; Abourachid, A. The end of the fat dodo? A new mass estimate for Raphus cucullatus 2011 Naturwissenschaften 98 233-236 détails   openurl
Angst, D.; Lecuyer, C.; Amiot, R.; Buffetaut, E.; Fourel, F.; Martineau, F.; Legendre, S.; Abourachid, A.; Herrel, A. Isotopic and anatomical evidence of an herbivorous diet in the Early Tertiary giant bird Gastornis. Implications for the structure of Paleocene terrestrial ecosystems 2014 Naturwissenschaften 101 313-322 détails   openurl
Anotaux, M.; Marchal, J.; Chaline, N.; Desquilbet, L.; Leborgne, R.; Gilbert, C.; Pasquet, A. Ageing alters spider orb-web construction 2012 Animal Behaviour 84 1113-1121 détails   openurl
Anzeraey, A.; Aumont, M.; Decamps, T.; Herrel, A.; Pouydebat, E. The effect of food properties on grasping and manipulation in the aquatic frog Xenopus laevis 2017 The Journal of Experimental Biology 220 4486-4491 détails   doi
Arbelet, D.; Malfatti, P.; Simond-Cote, E.; Fontaine, T.; Desquilbet, L.; Expert, D.; Kunz, C.; Soulie, M.-C. Disruption of the Bcchs3a Chitin Synthase Gene in Botrytis cinerea Is Responsible for Altered Adhesion and Overstimulation of Host Plant Immunity 2010 Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 23 1324-1334 détails   openurl
Arbelet, D.; Malfatti, P.; Simond-Cote, E.; Fontaine, T.; Desquilbet, L.; Expert, D.; Kunz, C.; Soulie, M.-C. Disruption of the Bcchs3a chitin synthase gene in Botrytis cinerea is responsible for altered adhesion and overstimulation of host plant immunity 2010 Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions : MPMI 23 1324-1334 détails   doi
Archaux, F.; Balanca, G.; Henry, P.Y.; Zapata, G. Wintering of white storks in Mediterranean France 2004 Waterbirds 27 441-445 détails   openurl
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