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Ebong, S.M.A.; Petit, E.; Le Gall, P.; Chen, P.-P.; Nieser, N.; Guilbert, E.; Njiokou, F.; Marsollier, L.; Guegan, J.-F.; Pluot-Sigwalt, D.; Eyangoh, S.; Harry, M. Molecular Species Delimitation and Morphology of Aquatic and Sub-Aquatic Bugs (Heteroptera) in Cameroon 2016 Plos One 11 détails   openurl
Herbin, M.; Simonis, C.; Reveret, L.; Hackert, R.; Libourel, P.-A.; Eugene, D.; Diaz, J.; de Waele, C.; Vidal, P.-P. Dopamine Modulates Motor Control in a Specific Plane Related to Support 2016 PloS one 11 e0155058 détails   doi
Klein, N.; Sander, P.M.; Krahl, A.; Scheyer, T.M.; Houssaye, A. Diverse Aquatic Adaptations in Nothosaurus spp. (Sauropterygia)-Inferences from Humeral Histology and Microanatomy 2016 PloS one 11 e0158448 détails   doi
Rojas, E.R.; Sueur, C.; Henry, P.-Y.; Doligez, B.; Wey, G.; Dehorter, O.; Massemin, S. Network Analysis Shows Asymmetrical Flows within a Bird Metapopulation 2016 PloS one 11 e0166701 détails   doi
Houssaye, A.; Tafforeau, P.; de Muizon, C.; Gingerich, P.D. Transition of Eocene whales from land to sea: evidence from bone microstructure 2015 PloS one 10 e0118409 détails   doi
Smith, T.M.; Tafforeau, P.; Le Cabec, A.; Bonnin, A.; Houssaye, A.; Pouech, J.; Moggi-Cecchi, J.; Manthi, F.; Ward, C.; Makaremi, M.; Menter, C.G. Dental ontogeny in pliocene and early pleistocene hominins 2015 PloS one 10 e0118118 détails   doi
Soons, J.; Genbrugge, A.; Podos, J.; Adriaens, D.; Aerts, P.; Dirckx, J.; Herrel, A. Is Beak Morphology in Darwin's Finches Tuned to Loading Demands? 2015 Plos One 10 détails   openurl
Wappler, T.; Guilbert, E.; Labandeira, C.C.; Hoernschemeyer, T.; Wedmann, S. Morphological and Behavioral Convergence in Extinct and Extant Bugs: The Systematics and Biology of a New Unusual Fossil Lace Bug from the Eocene 2015 Plos One 10 détails   openurl
da Silva, J.M.; Herrel, A.; Measey, G.J.; Tolley, K.A. Sexual Dimorphism in Bite Performance Drives Morphological Variation in Chameleons 2014 Plos One 9 détails   openurl
Houssaye, A.; Scheyer, T.M.; Kolb, C.; Fischer, V.; Sander, M. A New Look at Ichthyosaur Long Bone Microanatomy and Histology: Implications for Their Adaptation to an Aquatic Life 2014 Plos One 9 détails   openurl
Krief, S.; Cibot, M.; Bortolamiol, S.; Seguya, A.; Krief, J.-M.; Masi, S. Wild chimpanzees on the edge: nocturnal activities in croplands 2014 PloS one 9 e109925 détails   doi
Menet, M.-C.; Marchal, J.; Dal-Pan, A.; Taghi, M.; Nivet-Antoine, V.; Dargere, D.; Laprevote, O.; Beaudeux, J.-L.; Aujard, F.; Epelbaum, J.; Cottart, C.-H. Resveratrol Metabolism in a Non-Human Primate, the Grey Mouse Lemur (Microcebus murinus), Using Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Quadrupole Time of Flight 2014 Plos One 9 détails   openurl
Pey, B; Laporte, MA; Nahmani, J; Auclerc, A; Capowiez, Y; Caro, G; Cluzeau, D; Cortet, J; Decaëns, T; Dubs, F; Joimel, S; Guernion, M; Briard, C; Grumiaux, F; Laporte, B; Pasquet, A; Pelosi, C; Pernin, C; Ponge, JF; Salmon, S; Santorufo, L; Hedde, M A thesaurus for soil invertebrate trait-based approaches 2014 Plos One 9 e108985 détails   doi
Sookias, R.B.; Boehmer, C.; Clack, J.A. Redescription and phylogenetic analysis of the mandible of an enigmatic Pennsylvanian (Late Carboniferous) tetrapod from Nova Scotia, and the lability of Meckelian jaw ossification 2014 PloS one 9 e109717 détails   doi
Van Wassenbergh, S.; Dries, B.; Herrel, A. New Insights into Muscle Function during Pivot Feeding in Seahorses 2014 Plos One 9 détails   openurl
Bertrand, A.; Pasquier, A.; Petiet, A.; Wiggins, C.; Kraska, A.; Joseph-Mathurin, N.; Aujard, F.; Mestre-Frances, N.; Dhenain, M. Micro-MRI Study of Cerebral Aging: Ex Vivo Detection of Hippocampal Subfield Reorganization, Microhemorrhages and Amyloid Plaques in Mouse Lemur Primates 2013 Plos One 8 détails   openurl
Hayashi, S.; Houssaye, A.; Nakajima, Y.; Chiba, K.; Ando, T.; Sawamura, H.; Inuzuka, N.; Kaneko, N.; Osaki, T. Bone Inner Structure Suggests Increasing Aquatic Adaptations in Desmostylia (Mammalia, Afrotheria) 2013 Plos One 8 détails   openurl
Houssaye, A.; Lindgren, J.; Pellegrini, R.; Lee, A.H.; Germain, D.; Polcyn, M.J. Microanatomical and Histological Features in the Long Bones of Mosasaurine Mosasaurs (Reptilia, Squamata) – Implications for Aquatic Adaptation and Growth Rates 2013 Plos One 8 détails   openurl
Le Tallec, T.; Perret, M.; Thery, M. Light Pollution Modifies the Expression of Daily Rhythms and Behavior Patterns in a Nocturnal Primate 2013 Plos One 8 détails   openurl
Rahman, A.; Languille, S.; Lamberty, Y.; Babiloni, C.; Perret, M.; Bordet, R.; Blin, O.J.; Jacob, T.; Auffret, A.; Schenker, E.; Richardson, J.; Pifferi, F.; Aujard, F. Sleep Deprivation Impairs Spatial Retrieval but Not Spatial Learning in the Non-Human Primate Grey Mouse Lemur 2013 Plos One 8 détails   openurl
van der Meijden, A.; Coelho, P.L.; Sousa, P.; Herrel, A. Choose Your Weapon: Defensive Behavior Is Associated with Morphology and Performance in Scorpions 2013 Plos One 8 détails   openurl
Canale, C.I.; Huchard, E.; Perret, M.; Henry, P.Y. Reproductive Resilience to Food Shortage in a Small Heterothermic Primate 2012 Plos One 7 e41477 détails   openurl
Cox, P.G.; Rayfield, E.J.; Fagan, M.J.; Herrel, A.; Pataky, T.C.; Jeffery, N. Functional Evolution of the Feeding System in Rodents 2012 Plos One 7 détails   openurl
Dutel, H.; Maisey, J.G.; Schwimmer, D.R.; Janvier, P.; Herbin, M.; Clement, G. The Giant Cretaceous Coelacanth (Actinistia, Sarcopterygii) Megalocoelacanthus dobiei Schwimmer, Stewart & Williams, 1994, and Its Bearing on Latimerioidei Interrelationships 2012 Plos One 7 détails   openurl
Edwards, S.; Vanhooydonck, B.; Herrel, A.; Measey, G.J.; Tolley, K.A. Convergent Evolution Associated with Habitat Decouples Phenotype from Phylogeny in a Clade of Lizards 2012 Plos One 7 détails   openurl
Gilbert, C.; McCafferty, D.J.; Giroud, S.; Ancel, A.; Blanc, S. Private heat for public warmth: how huddling shapes individual thermogenic responses of rabbit pups 2012 PloS one 7 e33553 détails   doi
Gomes Rodrigues, H.; Sole, F.; Charles, C.; Tafforeau, P.; Vianey-Liaud, M.; Viriot, L. Evolutionary and biological implications of dental mesial drift in rodents: the case of the Ctenodactylidae (Rodentia, Mammalia) 2012 PloS one 7 e50197 détails   doi
Marchal, J.; Blanc, S.; Epelbaum, J.; Aujard, F.; Pifferi, F. Effects of Chronic Calorie Restriction or Dietary Resveratrol Supplementation on Insulin Sensitivity Markers in a Primate, Microcebus murinus 2012 Plos One 7 détails   openurl
Secondi, J.; Lepetz, V.; Thery, M. Male Attractiveness Is Influenced by UV Wavelengths in a Newt Species but Not in Its Close Relative 2012 Plos One 7 détails   openurl
Wich, S.A.; Kruetzen, M.; Lameira, A.R.; Nater, A.; Arora, N.; Bastian, M.L.; Meulman, E.; Morrogh-Bernard, H.C.; Atmoko, S.S.U.; Pamungkas, J.; Perwitasari-Farajallah, D.; Hardus, M.E.; van Noordwijk, M.; van Schaik, C.P. Call Cultures in Orang-Utans? 2012 Plos One 7 détails   openurl
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