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Böhmer, C.; Rössner, G. E. Dental paleopathology in fossil rhinoceroses: etiology and implications 2018 Journal of Zoology 304 3-12 détails   doi
Thomas, P.; Pouydebat, E.; Brazidec, M.L.; Aujard, F.; Herrel, A. Determinants of pull strength in captive grey mouse lemurs 2016 Journal of Zoology 298 77-81 détails   doi
Perrenoud, M.; Herrel, A.; Borel, A.; Pouydebat, E. Strategies of food detection in a captive cathemeral lemur, Eulemur rubriventer. 2015 Belgium Journal Of Zoology 145 69-75 détails   openurl
Thomas, P.; Pouydebat, E.; Hardy, I.; Aujard, F.; Ross, C.F.; Herrel, A. Sexual dimorphism in bite force in the grey mouse lemur: Lemur bite force sexual dimorphism 2015 Journal of Zoology 296 133-138 détails   doi
Vanhooydonck, B.; Huyghe, K.; Holanova, V.; van Dongen, S.; Herrel, A. Differential growth of naturally and sexually selected traits in an Anolis lizard 2015 Journal Of Zoology 296 231-238 détails   openurl
Herrel, A.; Castilla, A.M.; Al-Sulaiti, M.K.; Wessels, J.J. Does large body size relax constraints on bite-force generation in lizards of the genus Uromastyx? 2014 Journal Of Zoology 292 170-174 détails   openurl
Videlier, M.; Bonneaud, C.; Cornette, R.; Herrel, A. Exploration syndromes in the frog Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis: correlations with morphology and performance? 2014 Journal Of Zoology 294 206-213 détails   openurl
Chazeau, C.; Marchal, J.; Hackert, R.; Perret, M.; Herrel, A. Proximate determinants of bite force capacity in the mouse lemur 2013 Journal Of Zoology 290 42-48 détails   openurl
Provini, P.; Simonis, C.; Abourachid, A. Functional implications of the intertarsal joint shape in a terrestrial (Coturnix coturnix) versus a semi-aquatic bird (Callonetta leucophrys) 2013 Journal Of Zoology 290 12-18 détails   openurl
Toussaint, S.; Reghem, E.; Chotard, H.; Herrel, A.; Ross, C.F.; Pouydebat, E. Food acquisition on arboreal substrates by the grey mouse lemur: implication for primate grasping evolution 2013 Journal Of Zoology 291 235-242 détails   openurl
Herrel, A.; Gonwouo, L.N.; Fokam, E.B.; Ngundu, W.I.; Bonneaud, C. Intersexual differences in body shape and locomotor performance in the aquatic frog, Xenopus tropicalis 2012 Journal Of Zoology 287 311-316 détails   openurl
Reghem E.; Byron C.; Bels V.; Pouydebat E. Hand posture in the grey mouse lemur during arboreal locomotion on narrow branches 2012 Belgian Journal Of Zoology 76-81 détails   openurl
Ide, C.; De Schepper, N.; Christiaens, J.; Van Liefferinge, C.; Herrel, A.; Goemans, G.; Meire, P.; Belpaire, C.; Geeraerts, C.; Adriaens, D. Bimodality in head shape in European eel 2011 Journal Of Zoology 285 230-238 détails   openurl
Measey, G.J.; Rebelo, A.D.; Herrel, A.; Vanhooydonck, B.; Tolley, K.A. Diet, morphology and performance in two chameleon morphs: do harder bites equate with harder prey? 2011 Journal Of Zoology 285 247-255 détails   openurl
Wyckmans, M.; Herrel, A.; Adriaens, D. Analysis of ontogenetic changes in head shape and diet in a catfish with moderately enlarged jaw adductors (Clariallabes melas) 2011 Belgian Journal Of Zoology 141 11-20 détails   openurl
van der Meijden, A.; Herrel, A.; Summers, A. Comparison of chela size and pincer force in scorpions; getting a first grip 2010 Journal Of Zoology 280 319-325 détails   openurl
Dumont, E.R.; Herrel, A.; Medellin, R.A.; Vargas-Contreras, J.A.; Santana, S.E. Built to bite: cranial design and function in the wrinkle-faced bat 2009 Journal Of Zoology 279 329-337 détails   openurl
Bilcke, J.; Herrel, A.; Aerts, P. Effect of prey- and predator size on the capture success of an aquatic snake 2007 Belgian Journal Of Zoology 137 191-195 détails   openurl
Geerinckx, T.; Brunain, M.; Herrel, A.; Aerts, P.; Adriaens, D. A head with a suckermouth: a functional-morphological study of the head of the suckermouth armoured catfish Ancistrus cf. triradiatus (Loricariidae, Siluriformes) 2007 Belgian Journal Of Zoology 137 47-66 détails   openurl
Huysentruyt, F.; Adriaens, D.; Teugels, G.G.; Devaere, S.; Herrel, A.; Verraes, W.; Aerts, P. Diet composition in relation to morphology in some African, anguilliform clariid catfishes 2004 Belgian Journal Of Zoology 134 41-46 détails   openurl
Vincent, S.E.; Herrel, A.; Irschick, D.J. Sexual dimorphism in head shape and diet in the cottonmouth snake (Agkistrodon piscivorus) 2004 Journal Of Zoology 264 53-59 détails   openurl
Herrel, A.; Van Damme, R.; Vanhooydonck, B.; De Vree, F. The implications of bite performance for diet in two species of lacertid lizards 2001 Canadian Journal Of Zoology-Revue Canadienne De Zoologie 79 662-670 détails   openurl
Zaaf, A.; Van Damme, R.; Herrel, A.; Aerts, P. Limb joint kinematics during vertical climbing and level running in a specialist climber: Gekko gecko Linneus, 1758 (Lacertilia : Gekkonidae) 2001 Belgian Journal Of Zoology 131 173-182 détails   openurl
Aerts, P.; Van Damme, R.; Vanhooydonck, B.; Zaaf, A.; Herrel, A. Lizard locomotion: How morphology meets ecology 2000 Netherlands Journal Of Zoology 50 261-277 détails   openurl
Herrel, A.; De Vree, F. The cervical musculature in helodermatid lizards 1999 Belgian Journal Of Zoology 129 175-185 détails   openurl
Herrel, A.; Aerts, P.; De Vree, F. Ecomorphology of the lizard feeding apparatus: A modelling approach 1998 Netherlands Journal Of Zoology 48 1-25 détails   openurl
Herrel, A.; Aerts, P.; De Vree, F. Static biting in lizards: functional morphology of the temporal ligaments 1998 Journal Of Zoology 244 135-143 détails   openurl
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