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Abdala, V.; Manzano, A.S.; Jose Tulli, M.; Herrel, A. The Tendinous Patterns in the Palmar Surface of the Lizard Manus: Functional Consequences for Grasping Ability 2009 Anatomical Record-Advances In Integrative Anatomy And Evolutionary Biology 292 842-853 détails   openurl
Barros, F.C.; Herrel, A.; Kohlsdorf, T. Head shape evolution in Gymnophthalmidae: does habitat use constrain the evolution of cranial design in fossorial lizards? 2011 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 24 2423-2433 détails   openurl
Cernansky, A.; Boistel, R.; Fernandez, V.; Tafforeau, P.; Le Noir, N.; Herrel, A. The Atlas-Axis Complex in Chamaeleonids (Squamata: Chamaeleonidae), With Description of a New Anatomical Structure of the Skull 2014 Anatomical Record-Advances In Integrative Anatomy And Evolutionary Biology 297 369-396 détails   openurl
De Leon, L.F.; Podos, J.; Gardezi, T.; Herrel, A.; Hendry, A.P. Darwin's finches and their diet niches: the sympatric coexistence of imperfect generalists 2014 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 27 1093-1104 détails   openurl
Dreiss, A.N.; Silva, N.; Richard, M.; Moyen, F.; Thery, M.; Moller, A.P.; Danchin, E. Condition-dependent genetic benefits of extrapair fertilization in female blue tits Cyanistes caeruleus 2008 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 21 1814-1822 détails   openurl
Fabre, A.-C.; Andrade, D.V.; Huyghe, K.; Cornette, R.; Herrel, A. Interrelationships Between Bones, Muscles, and Performance: Biting in the Lizard Tupinambis merianae 2014 Evolutionary Biology 41 518-527 détails   openurl
Fabre, A.-C.; Cornette, R.; Slater, G.; Argot, C.; Peigne, S.; Goswami, A.; Pouydebat, E. Getting a grip on the evolution of grasping in musteloid carnivorans: a three-dimensional analysis of forelimb shape 2013 Journal of Evolutionary Biology 26 1521-1535 détails   doi
Henry, P.Y.; Pradel, R.; Jarne, P. Environment-dependent inbreeding depression in a hermaphroditic freshwater snail 2003 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 16 1211-1222 détails   openurl
Herrel, A.; Canbek, M.; Ozelmas, U.; Uyanoglu, M.; Karakaya, M. Comparative functional analysis of the hyolingual anatomy in lacertid lizards 2005 Anatomical Record Part A-Discoveries In Molecular Cellular And Evolutionary Biology 284a 561-573 détails   openurl
Herrel, A.; O'Reilly, J.C.; Richmond, A.M. Evolution of bite performance in turtles 2002 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 15 1083-1094 détails   openurl
Herrel, A.; Podos, J.; Huber, S.K.; Hendry, A.P. Evolution of bite force in Darwin's finches: a key role for head width 2005 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 18 669-675 détails   openurl
Herrel, A.; Vanhooydonck, B.; Van Damme, R. Omnivory in lacertid lizards: adaptive evolution or constraint? 2004 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 17 974-984 détails   openurl
Herrel, A.; Vincent, S.E.; Alfaro, M.E.; Van Wassenbergh, S.; Vanhooydonck, B.; Irschick, D.J. Morphological convergence as a consequence of extreme functional demands: examples from the feeding system of natricine snakes 2008 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 21 1438-1448 détails   openurl
Kohlsdorf, T.; Grizante, M.B.; Navas, C.A.; Herrel, A. Head shape evolution in Tropidurinae lizards: does locomotion constrain diet? 2008 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 21 781-790 détails   openurl
Llaurens, V.; Joron, M.; Thery, M. Cryptic differences in colour among Mullerian mimics: how can the visual capacities of predators and prey shape the evolution of wing colours? 2014 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 27 531-540 détails   openurl
Marzke, M.W.; Pouydebat, E.; Laurin, M.; Gorce, P.; Bels, V. A clarification of Pouydebat et al., 2008, evolution of grasping among anthropoids 2009 Journal of Evolutionary Biology 22 2554-2557 détails   doi
Mege, P.; Odeen, A.; Thery, M.; Picard, D.; Secondi, J. Partial Opsin Sequences Suggest UV-Sensitive Vision is Widespread in Caudata 2016 Evolutionary Biology 43 109-118 détails   openurl
Pouydebat, E.; Laurin, M.; Gorce, P.; Bels, V. Evolution of grasping among anthropoids 2008 Journal of Evolutionary Biology 21 1732-1743 détails   doi
Sanchez, S.; Germain, D.; De Ricqles, A.; Abourachid, A.; Goussard, F.; Tafforeau, P. Limb-bone histology of temnospondyls: implications for understanding the diversification of palaeoecologies and patterns of locomotion of Permo-Triassic tetrapods 2010 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 23 2076-2090 détails   openurl
Secondi, J.; Martin, M.; Goven, D.; Mege, P.; Sourice, S.; Thery, M. Habitat-related variation in the plasticity of a UV-sensitive photoreceptor over a small spatial scale in the palmate newt 2017 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 30 1229-1235 détails   openurl
Secondi, J.; Okassa, M.; Sourice, S.; Thery, M. Habitat-Dependent Species Recognition in Hybridizing Newts 2014 Evolutionary Biology 41 71-80 détails   openurl
Vanhooydonck, B.; Herrel, A.; Meyers, J.J.; Irschick, D.J. What determines dewlap diversity in Anolis lizards? An among-island comparison 2009 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 22 293-305 détails   openurl
Vincent, S.E.; Brandley, M.C.; Herrel, A.; Alfaro, M.E. Convergence in trophic morphology and feeding performance among piscivorous natricine snakes 2009 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 22 1203-1211 détails   openurl
Vincent, S.E.; Dang, P.D.; Herrel, A.; Kley, N.J. Morphological integration and adaptation in the snake feeding system: a comparative phylogenetic study 2006 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 19 1545-1554 détails   openurl
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