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Aliyu, B.; Adamu, H.; Moltchanova, E.; Forget, P.M.; Chapman, H. The Interplay of Habitat and Seed Type on Scatterhoarding Behavior in a Fragmented Afromontane Forest Landscape 2014 Biotropica 46 264-267 détails   openurl
Boissier, O.; Bouiges, A.; Mendoza, I.; Feer, F.; Forget, P.-M. Rapid Assessment of Seed Removal and Frugivore Activity as a Tool for Monitoring the Health Status of Tropical Forests 2014 Biotropica 46 633-641 détails   doi
Feer, F.; Forget, P.M. Spatio-temporal, variations in post-dispersal seed fate 2002 Biotropica 34 555-566 détails   openurl
Forget, P. Recruitment Pattern Of Vouacapoua-Americana (Caesalpiniaceae), A Rodent-Dispersed Tree Species In French-Guiana 1994 Biotropica 26 408-419 détails   openurl
Forget, P. Seed Removal And Seed Fate In Gustavia-Superba (Lecythidaceae) 1992 Biotropica 24 408-414 détails   openurl
Forget, P. Regeneration Ecology Of Eperua-Grandiflora (Caesalpiniaceae), A Large-Seeded Tree In French-Guiana 1992 Biotropica 24 146-156 détails   openurl
Forget, P. Natural Regeneration Of An Autochorus Species Of The Guianese Forest, Eperua-Falcata Aublet (Caesalpiniaceae) 1989 Biotropica 21 115-125 détails   openurl
Forget, P.-M. 2008 ATBC Honorary Fellows Louise H. Emmons, Ph. D 2009 Biotropica 41 137-137 détails   openurl
Forget, P.-M.; Cuiljpers, L. Survival and scatterhoarding of frugivores-dispersed seeds as a function of forest disturbance 2008 Biotropica 40 380-385 détails   openurl
Forget, P.; Munoz, E.; Leigh, E. Predation By Rodents And Bruchid Beetles On Seeds Of Scheelea Palms On Barro-Colorado Island, Panama 1994 Biotropica 26 420-426 détails   openurl
Forget, P.M. Ten-year seedling dynamics in Vouacapoua americana in French Guiana: A hypothesis 1997 Biotropica 29 124-126 détails   openurl
Forget, P.M.; Milleron, T.; Feer, F.; Henry, O.; Dubost, G. Effects of dispersal pattern and mammalian herbivores on seedling recruitment for Virola michelii (Myristicaceae) in French Guiana 2000 Biotropica 32 452-462 détails   openurl
Henry, O.; Feer, F.; Sabatier, D. Diet of the lowland tapir (Tapirus terrestris L.) in French Guiana 2000 Biotropica 32 364-368 détails   openurl
Nyiramana, A.; Mendoza, I.; Kaplin, B.A.; Forget, P.-M. Evidence for Seed Dispersal by Rodents in Tropical Montane Forest in Africa 2011 Biotropica 43 654-657 détails   openurl
Riera, B.; Pelissier, R.; Houllier, F. Characterizing a forest mosaic and its dynamics in an evergreen tropical rainforest 1998 Biotropica 30 251-260 détails   openurl
Trolliet, F.; Forget, P.-M.; Huynen, M.-C.; Hambuckers, A. Forest cover, hunting pressure, and fruit availability influence seed dispersal in a forest-savanna mosaic in the Congo Basin 2017 Biotropica 49 337-345 détails   doi
Vanthomme, H.; Belle, B.; Forget, P.-M. Bushmeat Hunting Alters Recruitment of Large-seeded Plant Species in Central Africa 2010 Biotropica 42 672-679 détails   openurl
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