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Amy, M.; Monbureau, M.; Durand, C.; Gomez, D.; Thery, M.; Leboucher, G. Female canary mate preferences: differential use of information from two types of male-male interaction 2008 Animal Behaviour 76 971-982 détails   openurl
Arias, M.; le Poul, Y.; Chouteau, M.; Boisseau, R.; Rosser, N.; Thery, M.; Llaurens, V. Crossing fitness valleys: empirical estimation of a fitness landscape associated with polymorphic mimicry 2016 Proceedings. Biological Sciences 283 détails   doi
Bennett, A.T.D.; Thery, M. Avian color vision and coloration: Multidisciplinary evolutionary biology 2007 American Naturalist 169 S1-S6 détails   openurl
Bongers, F.; Charles-Dominique, P.; Forget, P.-M.; Thery, M. Nouragues. Dynamics and plant-animal interactions in a Neotropical rainforest 2001 Monographiae Biologicae 80 i-xviii, 1-421 détails   openurl
Canale, C.I.; Perret, M.; Thery, M.; Henry, P.-Y. Physiological flexibility and acclimation to food shortage in a heterothermic primate 2011 Journal Of Experimental Biology 214 551-560 détails   openurl
de Mercey, P.; Thery, M. Breeding of the Gray-winged Trumpeter in French Guiana 1999 Condor 101 907-909 détails   openurl
Defrize, J.; Thery, M.; Casas, J. Background colour matching by a crab spider in the field: a community sensory ecology perspective 2010 Journal Of Experimental Biology 213 1425-1435 détails   openurl
Desouhant, E.; Navel, S.; Foubert, E.; Fischbein, D.; Thery, M.; Bernstein, C. What matters in the associative learning of visual cues in foraging parasitoid wasps: colour or brightness? 2010 Animal Cognition 13 535-543 détails   openurl
Dreiss, A.N.; Silva, N.; Richard, M.; Moyen, F.; Thery, M.; Moller, A.P.; Danchin, E. Condition-dependent genetic benefits of extrapair fertilization in female blue tits Cyanistes caeruleus 2008 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 21 1814-1822 détails   openurl
Endler, J.A.; Thery, M. Interacting effects of lek placement, display behavior, ambient light, and color patterns in three neotropical forest-dwelling birds 1996 American Naturalist 148 421-452 détails   openurl
Erard, C.; Thery, M. Vegetarian species in the bird community with an emphasis on frugivory and seed dispersal 2001 Monographiae Biologicae 80 233-241 détails   openurl
Erard, C.; Thery, M. Frugivorie et ornithochorie en foret Guyanaise: l'exemple des grands oiseaux terrestres et de la penelope marail 1994 Alauda 62 27-31 détails   openurl
Erard, C.; Thery, M.; Sabatier, D. Fruit characters in the diet of syntopic large frugivorous forest bird species in French Gluiana 2007 Revue D Ecologie-La Terre Et La Vie 62 323-350 détails   openurl
Erard, C.; Thery, M.; Sabatier, D. The Diet Of The Guianan Cock-Of-The-Rock Rupicola-Rupicola – The Relationships Between Frugivory And Zoochory 1989 Revue D Ecologie-La Terre Et La Vie 44 47-74 détails   openurl
Faivre, B.; Preault, M.; Salvadori, F.; Thery, M.; Gaillard, M.; Cezilly, F. Bill colour and immunocompetence in the European blackbird 2003 Animal Behaviour 65 1125-1131 détails   openurl
Faivre, B.; Preault, M.; Thery, M.; Secondi, J.; Patris, B.; Cezilly, F. Breeding strategy and morphological characters in an urban population of blackbirds, Turdus merula 2001 Animal Behaviour 61 969-974 détails   openurl
Gomez, D.; Barbosa, A.; Thery, M.; Aujard, F.; Perret, M. Age Affects Photoentrainment in a Nocturnal Primate 2012 Journal Of Biological Rhythms 27 164-171 détails   openurl
Gomez, D.; Richardson, C.; Lengagne, T.; Derex, M.; Plenet, S.; Joly, P.; Lena, J.-P.; Thery, M. Support for a role of colour vision in mate choice in the nocturnal European treefrog (Hyla arborea) (vol 147, pg 1753, 2010) 2011 Behaviour 148 403-404 détails   openurl
Gomez, D.; Richardson, C.; Lengagne, T.; Derex, M.; Plenet, S.; Joly, P.; Lena, J.-P.; Thery, M. Support for a role of colour vision in mate choice in the nocturnal European treefrog (Hyla arborea) 2010 Behaviour 147 1753-1768 détails   openurl
Gomez, D.; Richardson, C.; Lengagne, T.; Plenet, S.; Joly, P.; Lena, J.-P.; Thery, M. The role of nocturnal vision in mate choice: females prefer conspicuous males in the European tree frog (Hyla arborea) 2009 Proceedings Of The Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 276 2351-2358 détails   openurl
Gomez, D.; Richardson, C.; Thery, M.; Lengagne, T.; Lena, J.-P.; Plenet, S.; Joly, P. Multimodal signals in male European treefrog (Hyla arborea) and the influence of population isolation on signal expression 2011 Biological Journal Of The Linnean Society 103 633-647 détails   openurl
Gomez, D.; Thery, M. Simultaneous Crypsis and conspicuousness in color patterns: Comparative analysis of a neotropical rainforest bird community 2007 American Naturalist 169 S42-S61 détails   openurl
Gomez, D.; Thery, M. Influence of ambient light on the evolution of colour signals: comparative analysis of a Neotropical rainforest bird community 2004 Ecology Letters 7 279-284 détails   openurl
Gomez, D.; Thery, M.; Gauthier, A.-L.; Lengagne, T. Costly help of audiovisual bimodality for female mate choice in a nocturnal anuran (Hyla arborea) 2011 Behavioral Ecology 22 889-898 détails   openurl
Krijger, C.L.; Opdam, M.; Thery, M.; Bongers, F. Courtship behaviour of manakins and seed bank composition in a French Guianan rain forest 1997 Journal Of Tropical Ecology 13 631-636 détails   openurl
Languille, S.; Blanc, S.; Blin, O.; Canale, C.I.; Dal-Pan, A.; Devau, G.; Dhenain, M.; Dorieux, O.; Epelbaum, J.; Gomez, D.; Hardy, I.; Henry, P.Y.; Irving, E.A.; Marchal, J.; Mestre-Frances, N.; Perret, M.; Picq, J.L.; Pifferi, F.; Rahman, A.; Schenker, E.; Terrien, J.; Thery, M.; Verdier, J.M.; Aujard, F. The grey mouse lemur: A non-human primate model for ageing studies 2012 Ageing Research Reviews 11 150-162 détails   openurl
Le Tallec, T.; Perret, M.; Thery, M. Light Pollution Modifies the Expression of Daily Rhythms and Behavior Patterns in a Nocturnal Primate 2013 Plos One 8 détails   openurl
Legagneux, P.; Clark, R.G.; Guillemain, M.; Eraud, C.; Thery, M.; Bretagnolle, V. Large-scale geographic variation in iridescent structural ornaments of a long-distance migratory bird 2012 Journal Of Avian Biology 43 355-361 détails   openurl
Legagneux, P.; Thery, M.; Guillemain, M.; Gomez, D.; Bretagnolle, V. Condition dependence of iridescent wing flash-marks in two species of dabbling ducks 2010 Behavioural Processes 83 324-330 détails   openurl
Lenouvel, P.; Gomez, D.; Thery, M.; Kreutzer, M. Do grooming behaviours affect visual properties of feathers in male domestic canaries, Serinus canaria? 2009 Animal Behaviour 77 1253-1260 détails   openurl
Llaurens, V.; Joron, M.; Thery, M. Cryptic differences in colour among Mullerian mimics: how can the visual capacities of predators and prey shape the evolution of wing colours? 2014 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 27 531-540 détails   openurl
Loyau, A.; Gomez, D.; Moureau, B.; Thery, M.; Hart, N.S.; Saint Jalme, M.; Bennett, A.T.D.; Sorci, G. Iridescent structurally based coloration of eyespots correlates with mating success in the peacock 2007 Behavioral Ecology 18 1123-1131 détails   openurl
Lucchetta, P.; Bernstein, C.; Thery, M.; Lazzari, C.; Desouhant, E. Foraging and associative learning of visual signals in a parasitic wasp 2008 Animal Cognition 11 525-533 détails   openurl
Lucchetta, P.; Bernstein, C.; Thery, M.; Lazzari, C.; Desouhant, E. Foraging and associative learning of visual signals in a parasitic wasp 2008 Animal Cognition 11 525-533 détails   openurl
Martin, M.; Thery, M.; Rodgers, G.; Goven, D.; Sourice, S.; Mege, P.; Secondi, J. UV wavelengths experienced during development affect larval newt visual sensitivity and predation efficiency 2016 Biology Letters 12 détails   openurl
Mege, P.; Odeen, A.; Thery, M.; Picard, D.; Secondi, J. Partial Opsin Sequences Suggest UV-Sensitive Vision is Widespread in Caudata 2016 Evolutionary Biology 43 109-118 détails   openurl
Merot, C.; Le Poul, Y.; Thery, M.; Joron, M. Refining mimicry: phenotypic variation tracks the local optimum 2016 The Journal of Animal Ecology 85 1056-1069 détails   doi
Moyen, F.; Gomez, D.; Doutrelant, C.; Pierson, J.; Thery, M. Inter-acting effects of signalling behaviour, ambient light and plumage colour in a temperate bird, the blue tit Parus caeruleus 2006 Revue D Ecologie-La Terre Et La Vie 61 367-382 détails   openurl
Perret, M.; Gomez, D.; Barbosa, A.; Aujard, F.; Thery, M. Increased Late Night Response to Light Controls the Circadian Pacemaker in a Nocturnal Primate 2010 Journal Of Biological Rhythms 25 186-196 détails   openurl
Pons, J.M.; Crochet, P.A.; Thery, M.; Bermejo, A. Geographical variation in the yellow-legged gull: introgression or convergence from the herring gull? 2004 Journal Of Zoological Systematics And Evolutionary Research 42 245-256 détails   openurl
Richardson, C.; Gomez, D.; Durieux, R.; Thery, M.; Joly, P.; Lena, J.-P.; Plenet, S.; Lengagne, T. Hearing is not necessarily believing in nocturnal anurans 2010 Biology Letters 6 633-635 détails   openurl
Secondi, J.; Dupont, V.; Davranche, A.; Mondy, N.; Lengagne, T.; Thery, M. Variability of surface and underwater nocturnal spectral irradiance with the presence of clouds in urban and peri-urban wetlands 2017 PloS one 12 e0186808 détails   doi
Secondi, J.; Lepetz, V.; Thery, M. Male Attractiveness Is Influenced by UV Wavelengths in a Newt Species but Not in Its Close Relative 2012 Plos One 7 détails   openurl
Secondi, J.; Martin, M.; Goven, D.; Mege, P.; Sourice, S.; Thery, M. Habitat-related variation in the plasticity of a UV-sensitive photoreceptor over a small spatial scale in the palmate newt 2017 Journal Of Evolutionary Biology 30 1229-1235 détails   openurl
Secondi, J.; Okassa, M.; Sourice, S.; Thery, M. Habitat-Dependent Species Recognition in Hybridizing Newts 2014 Evolutionary Biology 41 71-80 détails   openurl
Secondi, J.; Rodgers, G.; Bayle, F.; Sourice, S.; Thery, M. Mate preference, species recognition and multimodal communication in heterogeneous environments 2015 Evolutionary Ecology 29 217-227 détails   openurl
Secondi, J.; Thery, M. An ultraviolet signal generates a conflict between sexual selection and species recognition in a newt 2014 Behavioral Ecology And Sociobiology 68 1049-1058 détails   openurl
Thery, M. Identifying animal illusions requires neuronal and cognitive approaches: comment on Kelley and Kelley 2014 Behavioral Ecology 25 465-465 détails   openurl
Thery, M. Colours of background reflected light and of the prey's eye affect adaptive coloration in female crab spiders 2007 Animal Behaviour 73 797-804 détails   openurl
Thery, M. Effects of light environment on color communication 2006 Bird coloration 148-173 détails   openurl
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