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Aujard, F.; Cayetanot, F.; Terrien, J.; Van Someren, E.J.W. Attenuated effect of increased daylength on activity rhythm in the old mouse lemur, a non-human primate 2007 Experimental Gerontology 42 1079-1087 détails   openurl
Aujard, F.; Seguy, M.; Terrien, J.; Botalla, R.; Blanc, S.; Perret, M. Behavioral thermoregulation in a non human primate: Effects of age and photoperiod on temperature selection 2006 Experimental Gerontology 41 784-792 détails   openurl
Bowers, J.; Terrien, J.; Clerget-Froidevaux, M.S.; Gothie, J.D.; Rozing, M.P.; Westendorp, R.G.J.; van Heemst, D.; Demeneix, B.A. Thyroid Hormone Signaling and Homeostasis During Aging 2013 Endocrine Reviews 34 556-589 détails   openurl
Dal-Pan, A.; Terrien, J.; Pifferi, F.; Botalla, R.; Hardy, I.; Marchal, J.; Zahariev, A.; Chery, I.; Zizzari, P.; Perret, M.; Picq, J.L.; Epelbaum, J.; Blanc, S.; Aujard, F. Caloric restriction or resveratrol supplementation and ageing in a non-human primate: first-year outcome of the RESTRIKAL study in Microcebus murinus 2011 Age 33 15-31 détails   openurl
Djelti, F.; Dhenain, M.; Terrien, J.; Picq, J.-L.; Hardy, I.; Champeval, D.; Perret, M.; Schenker, E.; Epelbaum, J.; Aujard, F. Impaired fasting blood glucose is associated to cognitive impairment and cerebral atrophy in middle-aged non-human primates 2016 Aging 9 173-186 détails   doi
Languille, S.; Blanc, S.; Blin, O.; Canale, C.I.; Dal-Pan, A.; Devau, G.; Dhenain, M.; Dorieux, O.; Epelbaum, J.; Gomez, D.; Hardy, I.; Henry, P.Y.; Irving, E.A.; Marchal, J.; Mestre-Frances, N.; Perret, M.; Picq, J.L.; Pifferi, F.; Rahman, A.; Schenker, E.; Terrien, J.; Thery, M.; Verdier, J.M.; Aujard, F. The grey mouse lemur: A non-human primate model for ageing studies 2012 Ageing Research Reviews 11 150-162 détails   openurl
Pellegrino, G.; Trubert, C.; Terrien, J.; Pifferi, F.; Leroy, D.; Loyens, A.; Migaud, M.; Baroncini, M.; Maurage, C.-A.; Fontaine, C.; Prevot, V.; Sharif, A. A comparative study of the neural stem cell niche in the adult hypothalamus of human, mouse, rat and grey mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus) 2017 The Journal of Comparative Neurology détails   doi
Stubblefield, J.J.; Gao, P.; Kilaru, G.; Mukadam, B.; Terrien, J.; Green, C.B. Temporal Control of Metabolic Amplitude by Nocturnin 2018 Cell Reports 22 1225-1235 détails   doi
Stubblefield, J.J.; Terrien, J.; Green, C.B. Nocturnin: at the crossroads of clocks and metabolism 2012 Trends In Endocrinology And Metabolism 23 326-333 détails   openurl
Terrien, J.; Ambid, L.; Nibbelink, M.; Saint-Charles, A.; Aujard, F. Non-shivering thermogenesis activation and maintenance in the aging gray mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus) 2010 Experimental Gerontology 45 442-448 détails   openurl
Terrien, J.; Blanc, S.; Zizzari, P.; Epelbaum, J.; Aujard, F. Physiological responses to chronic heat exposure in an aging non-human primate species, the gray mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus) 2011 Experimental Gerontology 46 747-754 détails   openurl
Terrien, J.; Gaudubois, M.; Champeval, D.; Zaninotto, V.; Roger, L.; Riou, J.F.; Aujard, F. Metabolic and genomic adaptations to winter fattening in a primate species, the grey mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus) 2017 International Journal of Obesity (2005) détails   doi
Terrien, J.; Perret, M.; Aujard, F. Behavioral thermoregulation in mammals: a review 2011 Frontiers In Bioscience-Landmark 16 1428-1444 détails   openurl
Terrien, J.; Perret, M.; Aujard, F. Gender markedly modulates behavioral thermoregulation in a non-human primate species, the mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus) 2010 Physiology & Behavior 101 469-473 détails   openurl
Terrien, J.; Zahariev, A.; Blanc, S.; Aujard, F. Impaired Control of Body Cooling during Heterothermia Represents the Major Energetic Constraint in an Aging Non-Human Primate Exposed to Cold 2009 Plos One 4 détails   openurl
Terrien, J.; Zahariev, A.; Zizzari, P.; Bluet-Pajot, M.T.; Epelbaum, J.; Blanc, S.; Perret, M.; Aujard, F. Impaired regulation of body temperature, energy balance and IGF-1 levels during chronic cold exposure in an aged primate 2007 Experimental Gerontology 42 146-146 détails   openurl
Terrien, J.; Zizzari, P.; Bluet-Pajot, M.T.; Henry, P.Y.; Perret, M.; Epelbaum, J.; Aujard, F. Effects of age on thermoregulatory responses during cold exposure in a nonhuman primate, Microcebus murinus 2008 American Journal Of Physiology-Regulatory Integrative And Comparative Physiology 295 R696-R703 détails   openurl
Terrien, J.; Zizzari, P.; Epelbaum, J.; Perret, M.; Aujard, F. Daily Rhythms of Core Temperature and Locomotor Activity Indicate Different Adaptive Strategies to Cold Exposure in Adult and Aged Mouse Lemurs Acclimated to a Summer-Like Photoperiod 2009 Chronobiology International 26 838-853 détails   openurl
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