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Houssaye, A.; Fernandez, V.; Billet, G. Hyperspecialization in Some South American Endemic Ungulates Revealed by Long Bone Microstructure 2016 Journal of Mammalian Evolution 23 221-235 détails   doi
Klein, N.; Sander, P.M.; Krahl, A.; Scheyer, T.M.; Houssaye, A. Diverse Aquatic Adaptations in Nothosaurus spp. (Sauropterygia)-Inferences from Humeral Histology and Microanatomy 2016 PloS one 11 e0158448 détails   doi
Bardet, N.; Houssaye, A.; Vincent, P.; Pereda Suberbiola, X.; Amaghzaz, M.; Jourani, E.; Meslouh, S. Mosasaurids (Squamata) from the Maastrichtian Phosphates of Morocco: Biodiversity, palaeobiogeography and palaeoecology based on tooth morphoguilds 2015 Gondwana Research 27 1068-1078 détails   doi
Botton-Divet, L.; Houssaye, A.; Herrel, A.; Fabre, A.-C.; Cornette, R. Tools for quantitative form description; an evaluation of different software packages for semi-landmark analysis 2015 PeerJ 3 e1417 détails   doi
Garcia, G.; Bardet, N.; Houssaye, A.; Pereda-Suberbiola, X.; Valentin, X. Mosasauroid (Squamata) discovery in the Late Cretaceous (Early Campanian) continental deposits of Villeveyrac-L'Olivet, southern France 2015 Comptes Rendus Palevol 14 495-505 détails   doi
Hontecillas, D.; Houssaye, A.; Laplana, C.; Sevilla, P.; Arsuaga, J.L.; Pérez-González, A.; Baquedano, E.; Knoll, F. Reworked marine pythonomorph (Reptilia, Squamata) remains in Late Pleistocene cave deposits in central Spain 2015 Cretaceous Research 54 188-202 détails   doi
Houssaye, A.; Tafforeau, P.; de Muizon, C.; Gingerich, P.D. Transition of Eocene whales from land to sea: evidence from bone microstructure 2015 PloS one 10 e0118409 détails   doi
Houssaye, A.; Waskow, K.; Hayashi, S.; Cornette, R.; Lee, A.H.; Hutchinson, J.R. Biomechanical evolution of solid bones in large animals: a microanatomical investigation 2015 Biological Journal of the Linnean Society n/a-n/a détails   doi
Klein, N.; Houssaye, A.; Neenan, J.M.; Scheyer, T.M. Long bone histology and microanatomy of Placodontia (Diapsida: Sauropterygia) 2015 Contributions to Zoology 59-84 détails   url
Ortega, F.; Bardet, N.; Barroso-Barcenilla, F.; Callapez, P.M.; Cambra-Moo, O.; Daviero- Gómez, V.; Díez Díaz, V.; Domingo, L.; Elvira, A.; Escaso, F.; García-Oliva, M.; Gómez, B.; Houssaye, A.; Knoll, F.; Marcos-Fernández, F.; Martín, M.; Mocho, P.; Narváez, I.; Pérez- García, A.; Peyrot, D.; Segura, M.; Serrano, H.; Torices, A.; Vidal, D.; Sanz, J.L. The biota of the Upper Cretaceous site of “Lo Hueco” (Cuenca, Spain) 2015 Journal of Iberian Geology 41 détails   doi
Pérez-García, A.; Ortega, F.; Bolet, A.; Escaso, F.; Houssaye, A.; Martínez-Salanova, J.; de Miguel Chaves, C.; Mocho, P.; Narváez, I.; Segura, M.; Torices, A.; Vidal, D.; Sanz, J.L. A review of the upper Campanian vertebrate site of Armuña (Segovia Province, Spain) 2015 Cretaceous Research détails   doi
Smith, T.M.; Tafforeau, P.; Le Cabec, A.; Bonnin, A.; Houssaye, A.; Pouech, J.; Moggi-Cecchi, J.; Manthi, F.; Ward, C.; Makaremi, M.; Menter, C.G. Dental ontogeny in pliocene and early pleistocene hominins 2015 PloS one 10 e0118118 détails   doi
Bardet, N.; Falconnet, J.; Fischer, V.; Houssaye, A.; Jouve, S.; Pereda Suberbiola, X.; Pérez-García, A.; Rage, J.-C.; Vincent, P. Mesozoic marine reptile palaeobiogeography in response to drifting plates 2014 Gondwana Research 26 869-887 détails   doi
Houssaye, A. Advances in vertebrate palaeohistology: recent progress, discoveries, and new approaches 2014 Biological Journal Of The Linnean Society 112 645-648 détails   openurl
Houssaye, A.; Scheyer, T.M.; Kolb, C.; Fischer, V.; Sander, M. A New Look at Ichthyosaur Long Bone Microanatomy and Histology: Implications for Their Adaptation to an Aquatic Life 2014 Plos One 9 détails   openurl
Houssaye, A.; Tafforeau, P.; Herrel, A. Amniote vertebral microanatomy – what are the major trends? 2014 Biological Journal Of The Linnean Society 112 735-746 détails   openurl
Nakajima, Y.; Houssaye, A.; Endo, H. Osteohistology of the Early Triassic ichthyopterygian reptile Utatsusaurus hataii: Implications for early ichthyosaur biology 2014 Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 59 343-352 détails   openurl
Smith, T.M.; Le Cabec, A.; Bonnin, A.; Houssaye, A.; Pouech, J.; Moggi-Cecchi, J.; Menter, C.G.; Manthi, F.; Ward, C.; Tafforeau, P. Resolving Pliocene and Pleistocene hominin dental ontogeny with synchrotron virtual histology 2014 American Journal Of Physical Anthropology 153 243-243 détails   openurl
Hayashi, S.; Houssaye, A.; Nakajima, Y.; Chiba, K.; Ando, T.; Sawamura, H.; Inuzuka, N.; Kaneko, N.; Osaki, T. Bone Inner Structure Suggests Increasing Aquatic Adaptations in Desmostylia (Mammalia, Afrotheria) 2013 Plos One 8 détails   openurl
Houssaye, A. Bone histology of aquatic reptiles: what does it tell us about secondary adaptation to an aquatic life? 2013 Biological Journal Of The Linnean Society 108 3-21 détails   openurl
Houssaye, A. Palaeoecological and morphofunctional interpretation of bone mass increase: an example in Late Cretaceous shallow marine squamates 2013 Biological Reviews 88 117-139 détails   openurl
Houssaye, A.; Bardet, N. A baby mosasauroid (Reptilia, Squamata) from the Turonian of Morocco – Tethysaurus 'junior' discovered? 2013 Cretaceous Research 46 208-215 détails   openurl
Houssaye, A.; Bardet, N.; Narvaez, I.; Ortega, F. Squamate finding in “Lo Hueco” (Late Campanian-Early Maastrichtian, Cuenca Province, Spain): the second non-marine pythonomorph lizard 2013 Palaeontologische Zeitschrift 87 415-422 détails   openurl
Houssaye, A.; Boistel, R.; Boehme, W.; Herrel, A. Jack-of-all-trades master of all? Snake vertebrae have a generalist inner organization 2013 Naturwissenschaften 100 997-1006 détails   openurl
Houssaye, A.; Lindgren, J.; Pellegrini, R.; Lee, A.H.; Germain, D.; Polcyn, M.J. Microanatomical and Histological Features in the Long Bones of Mosasaurine Mosasaurs (Reptilia, Squamata) – Implications for Aquatic Adaptation and Growth Rates 2013 Plos One 8 détails   openurl
Houssaye, A.; Rage, J.-C.; Bardet, N.; Vincent, P.; Amaghzaz, M.; Meslouh, S. New highlights about the enigmatic marine snake Palaeophis maghrebianus (Palaeophiidae; Palaeophiinae) from the Ypresian (Lower Eocene) phosphates of Morocco 2013 Palaeontology 56 647-661 détails   openurl
Houssaye, A.; Rage, J.-C.; Torcida Fernandez-Baldor, F.; Huerta, P.; Bardet, N.; Pereda Suberbiola, X. A new varanoid squamate from the Early Cretaceous (Barremian-Aptian) of Burgos, Spain 2013 Cretaceous Research 41 127-135 détails   openurl
Vincent, P.; Bardet, N.; Houssaye, A.; Arnaghzaz, M.; Meslouh, S. New plesiosaur specimens from the Maastrichtian Phosphates of Morocco and their implications for the ecology of the latest Cretaceous marine apex predators 2013 Gondwana Research 24 796-805 détails   openurl
Houssaye, A.; Bardet, N. Rib and vertebral micro-anatomical characteristics of hydropelvic mosasauroids 2012 Lethaia 45 200-209 détails   openurl
Houssaye, A.; Tafforeau, P. What Vertebral Microanatomy Reveals About The Ecology Of Juvenile Mosasaurs (Reptilia, Squamata) 2012 Journal Of Vertebrate Paleontology 32 1042-1048 détails   openurl
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