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Böhmer, C.; Fabre, A.-C.; Herbin, M.; Peigne, S.; Herrel, A. Anatomical Basis of Differences in Locomotor Behavior in Martens: A Comparison of the Forelimb Musculature Between Two Sympatric Species of Martes 2018 Anatomical Record (Hoboken, N.J. : 2007) 301 449-472 détails   doi
Cupello, C.; Meunier, F.J.; Herbin, M.; Clement, G.; Brito, P.M. Lung anatomy and histology of the extant coelacanth shed light on the loss of air-breathing during deep-water adaptation in actinistians 2017 Royal Society Open Science 4 161030 détails   doi
Cupello, C.; Meunier, F.J.; Herbin, M.; Janvier, P.; Clement, G.; Brito, P.M. The homology and function of the lung plates in extant and fossil coelacanths 2017 Scientific Reports 7 9244 détails   doi
Décamps, T.; Herrel, A.; Ballesta, L.; Holon, F.; Rauby, T.; Gentil, Y.; Gentil, C.; Dutel, H.; Debruyne, R.; Charrassin, J.-B.; Eveillard, G.; Clément, G.; Herbin, M.; Kurle, C. The third dimension: a novel set-up for filming coelacanths in their natural environment 2017 Methods in Ecology and Evolution 8 322-328 détails   doi
Herbin, M. Quel devenir pour les collections anatomiques en fluide ? Une approche historique 2017 La Lettre de l'OCIM 5-10 détails   doi
Herbin, M.; Simonis, C.; Reveret, L.; Hackert, R.; Libourel, P.-A.; Eugene, D.; Diaz, J.; de Waele, C.; Vidal, P.-P. Dopamine Modulates Motor Control in a Specific Plane Related to Support 2016 PloS one 11 e0155058 détails   doi
Cupello, C.; Brito, P.M.; Herbin, M.; Meunier, F.J.; Janvier, P.; Dutel, H.; Clement, G. Allometric growth in the extant coelacanth lung during ontogenetic development 2015 Nature Communications 6 8222 détails   doi
Dutel, H.; Herbin, M.; Clement, G.; Herrel, A. Bite Force in the Extant Coelacanth Latimeria: The Role of the Intracranial Joint and the Basicranial Muscle 2015 Current Biology 25 1228-1233 détails   openurl
Dutel, H.; Herrel, A.; Clement, G.; Herbin, M. Redescription of the Hyoid Apparatus and Associated Musculature in the Extant Coelacanth Latimeria chalumnae: Functional Implications for Feeding 2015 Anatomical Record (Hoboken, N.J. : 2007) 298 579-601 détails   doi
Meunier, F.J.; Mondejar-Fernandez, J.; Goussard, F.; Clement, G.; Herbin, M. Presence of plicidentine in the oral teeth of the coelacanth Latimeria chalumnae Smith 1939 (Sarcopterygii; Actinistia) 2015 Journal of Structural Biology 190 31-37 détails   doi
Lecomte, M.-J.; Bertolus, C.; Santamaria, J.; Bauchet, A.-L.; Herbin, M.; Saurini, F.; Misawa, H.; Maisonobe, T.; Pradat, P.-F.; Nosten-Bertrand, M.; Mallet, J.; Berrard, S. Selective disruption of acetylcholine synthesis in subsets of motor neurons: A new model of late-onset motor neuron disease 2014 Neurobiology Of Disease 65 102-111 détails   openurl
Meunier, F.J.; Herbin, M. The collection of histological microscopic preparations realised by Paul Gervais (1816-1879) on fish skeleton 2014 Cybium 38 23-42 détails   openurl
Bojados, M.; Herbin, M.; Jamon, M. Kinematics of treadmill locomotion in mice raised in hypergravity 2013 Behavioural Brain Research 244 48-57 détails   openurl
Dutel, H.; Herrel, A.; Clement, G.; Herbin, M. A reevaluation of the anatomy of the jaw-closing system in the extant coelacanth Latimeria chalumnae 2013 Naturwissenschaften 100 1007-1022 détails   openurl
Falgairolle, M.; Ceccato, J.-C.; de Seze, M.; Herbin, M.; Cazalets, J.-R. Metachronal propagation of motor activity 2013 Frontiers In Bioscience-Landmark 18 820-837 détails   openurl
Dutel, H.; Maisey, J.G.; Schwimmer, D.R.; Janvier, P.; Herbin, M.; Clement, G. The Giant Cretaceous Coelacanth (Actinistia, Sarcopterygii) Megalocoelacanthus dobiei Schwimmer, Stewart & Williams, 1994, and Its Bearing on Latimerioidei Interrelationships 2012 Plos One 7 détails   openurl
Keller, S.S.; Deppe, M.; Herbin, M.; Gilissen, E. Variability and asymmetry of the sulcal contours defining Broca's area homologue in the chimpanzee brain 2012 Journal Of Comparative Neurology 520 1165-1180 détails   openurl
Abourachid, A.; Hackert, R.; Herbin, M.; Libourel, P.A.; Lambert, F.; Gioanni, H.; Provini, P.; Blazevic, P.; Hugel, V. Bird terrestrial locomotion as revealed by 3D kinematics 2011 Zoology (Jena, Germany) 114 360-368 détails   doi
Nulens, R.; Scott, L.; Herbin, M. An updated inventory of all known specimens of the coelacanth, Latimeria spp 2011 Smithiana Special Publication 3 52pp.-52pp. détails   openurl
Reveret, L.; Duveau, E.; Herbin, M.; Multon, F.; Vidal, P.-P. Kameleon: anatomical data for the study of skeletal structures of small vertebrates 2011 Traitement Du Signal 28 309-327 détails   openurl
Gras, C.; Amilhon, B.; Lepicard, E.M.; Poirel, O.; Vinatier, J.; Herbin, M.; Dumas, S.; Tzavara, E.T.; Wade, M.R.; Nomikos, G.G.; Hanoun, N.; Saurini, F.; Kemel, M.-L.; Gasnier, B.; Giros, B.; El Mestikawy, S. The vesicular glutamate transporter VGLUT3 synergizes striatal acetylcholine tone 2008 Nature Neuroscience 11 292-300 détails   openurl
Hackert, R.; Maes, L.D.; Herbin, M.; Libourel, P.-A.; Abourachid, A. Limb preference in the gallop of dogs and the half-bound of pikas on flat ground 2008 Laterality 13 310-319 détails   openurl
Maes, L.D.; Herbin, M.; Hackert, R.; Bels, V.L.; Abourachid, A. Steady locomotion in dogs: temporal and associated spatial coordination patterns and the effect of speed 2008 The Journal of Experimental Biology 211 138-149 détails   doi
Stum, M.; Girard, E.; Bangratz, M.; Bernard, V.; Herbin, M.; Vignaud, A.; Ferry, A.; Davoine, C.-S.; Echaniz-Laguna, A.; Rene, F.; Marcel, C.; Molgo, J.; Fontaine, B.; Krejci, E.; Nicole, S. Evidence of a dosage effect and a physiological endplate acetylcholinesterase deficiency in the first mouse models mimicking Schwartz-Jampel syndrome neuromyotonia 2008 Human Molecular Genetics 17 3166-3179 détails   openurl
Abourachid, A.; Herbin, M.; Hackert, R.; Maes, L.; Martin, V. Experimental study of coordination patterns during unsteady locomotion in mammals 2007 The Journal of Experimental Biology 210 366-372 détails   doi
Abourachid, A.; Herbin, M.; Hackert, R.; Maes, L.; Martin, V. Gait analysis during unsteady locomotion 2007 Journal Of Morphology 268 1044-1044 détails   openurl
Hackert, R.; Hugel, V.; Herbin, M.; Libourel, P.-A.; Abourachid, A. 3D-reconstruction of the quail trunk and limb kinematics from 2D videoradiographical views 2007 Journal Of Morphology 268 1080-1080 détails   openurl
Hackert, R.; Reghem, E.; Abourachid, A.; Maes, L.; Herbin, M. Pre-stance forelimb retraction versus speed in trotting rats 2007 Journal Of Morphology 268 1079-1080 détails   openurl
Herbin, M.; Hackert, R.; Gasc, J.-P.; Renous, S. Gait parameters of treadmill versus overground locomotion in mouse 2007 Behavioural Brain Research 181 173-179 détails   doi
Maes, L.D.; Herbin, M.; Hackert, R.; Bels, V.; Abourachid, A. Interlimb coordination in dogs: Time and space variations related to speed and gaits 2007 Journal Of Morphology 268 1101-1102 détails   openurl
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