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Aziz, S.A.; Clements, G.R.; Giam, X.; Forget, P.-M.; Campos-Arceiz, A. Coexistence and Conflict between the Island Flying fox (Pteropus hypomelanus) and Humans on Tioman Island, Peninsular Malaysia 2017 Human Ecology 45 377-389 détails   doi
Aziz, S.A.; Clements, G.R.; Giam, X.; Forget, P.-M.; Campos-Arceiz, A. Erratum to: Coexistence and Conflict between the Island Flying fox (Pteropus hypomelanus) and Humans on Tioman Island, Peninsular Malaysia 2017 Human Ecology 45 391-391 détails   doi
Aziz, S.A.; Clements, G.R.; McConkey, K.R.; Sritongchuay, T.; Pathil, S.; Abu Yazid, M.N.H.; Campos-Arceiz, A.; Forget, P.-M.; Bumrungsri, S. Pollination by the locally endangered island flying fox (Pteropus hypomelanus) enhances fruit production of the economically important durian (Durio zibethinus) 2017 Ecology and Evolution 7 8670-8684 détails   doi
Aziz, S.A.; Clements, G.R.; Peng, L.Y.; Campos-Arceiz, A.; McConkey, K.R.; Forget, P.-M.; Gan, H.M. Elucidating the diet of the island flying fox (Pteropus hypomelanus) in Peninsular Malaysia through Illumina Next-Generation Sequencing 2017 PeerJ 5 e3176 détails   doi
Baraloto, C.; Forget, P.-M. Seed size, seedling morphology, and response to deep shade and damage in neotropical rain forest trees 2007 American Journal Of Botany 94 901-911 détails   openurl
Boissier, O.; Bouiges, A.; Mendoza, I.; Feer, F.; Forget, P.-M. Rapid Assessment of Seed Removal and Frugivore Activity as a Tool for Monitoring the Health Status of Tropical Forests 2014 Biotropica 46 633-641 détails   doi
Bongers, F.; Charles-Dominique, P.; Forget, P.-M.; Thery, M. Nouragues. Dynamics and plant-animal interactions in a Neotropical rainforest 2001 Monographiae Biologicae 80 i-xviii, 1-421 détails   openurl
Chave, J.; Olivier, J.; Bongers, F.; Chatelet, P.; Forget, P.-M.; van der Meer, P.; Norden, N.; Riera, B.; Charles-Dominique, P. Above-ground biomass and productivity in a rain forest of eastern South America 2008 Journal Of Tropical Ecology 24 355-366 détails   openurl
Dracxler, C.M.; Forget, P.-M. Seed caching by rodents favours seedling establishment of two palm species in a lowland Atlantic forest remnant 2017 Journal of Tropical Ecology 33 228-231 détails   doi
Feer, F.; Henry, O.; Forget, P.-M.; Gayot, M. Frugivory and seed dispersal by terrestrial mammals 2001 Monographiae Biologicae 80 227-232 détails   openurl
Forget, P.-M. 2008 ATBC Honorary Fellows Louise H. Emmons, Ph. D 2009 Biotropica 41 137-137 détails   openurl
Forget, P.-M. [Scientific and auriferous explorations: the paradox of Saint-Eugene, French Guiana.] 2002 Revue d'Ecologie la Terre et la Vie Supplement 8 13-20 détails   openurl
Forget, P.-M.; Cuiljpers, L. Survival and scatterhoarding of frugivores-dispersed seeds as a function of forest disturbance 2008 Biotropica 40 380-385 détails   openurl
Forget, P.-M.; Hammond, D.S.; Milleron, T.; Thomas, R. Seasonality of fruiting and food hoarding by rodents in Neotropical forests: consequences for seed dispersal and seedling recruitment 2002 Seed dispersal and frugivory: ecology 241-256 détails   openurl
Forget, P.-M.; Jansen, P.A. Hunting increases dispersal limitation in the tree Carapa procera, a nontimber forest product 2007 Conservation Biology 21 106-113 détails   openurl
Forget, P.-M.; Jordano, P.; Lambert, J.E.; Boehning-Gaese, K.; Traveset, A.; Joseph Wright, S. Frugivores and seed dispersal (1985-2010); the 'seeds' dispersed, established and matured 2011 Acta Oecologica-International Journal Of Ecology 37 517-520 détails   openurl
Forget, P.-M.; Poncy, O.; Thomas, R.S.; Hammond, D.S.; Kenfack, D. A new species of Carapa (Meliaceae) from Central Guyana 2009 Brittonia 61 366-374 détails   openurl
Forget, P.-M.; Pons, J.-M. [Research aspects and future of Saint-Eugene station.] 2002 Revue d'Ecologie la Terre et la Vie Supplement 8 195-199 détails   openurl
Forget, P.-M.; Wenny, D. How to elucidate seed fate? a review of methods used to study seed removal and secondary seed dispersal 2005 Seed fate: predation 379-393 détails   openurl
Hambuckers, J.; Dauvrin, A.; Trolliet, F.; Evrard, Q.; Forget, P.-M.; Hambuckers, A. How can seed removal rates of zoochoric tree species be assessed quickly and accurately? 2017 Forest Ecology and Management 403 152-160 détails   doi
Hammond, D.S.; Gond, V.; de Thoisy, B.; Forget, P.-M.; DeDijn, B.P.E. Causes and consequences of a tropical forest gold rush in the Guiana Shield, South America 2007 Ambio 36 661-670 détails   openurl
Jansen, P.A.; Forget, P.-M. Predatory Publishers and Plagiarism Prevention 2012 Science 336 1380-1380 détails   openurl
Jansen, P.A.; Forget, P.-M. Scatterhoarding rodents and tree regeneration 2001 Monographiae Biologicae 80 275-288 détails   openurl
Jordano, P.; Forget, P.-M.; Lambert, J.E.; Boehning-Gaese, K.; Traveset, A.; Wright, S.J. Frugivores and seed dispersal: mechanisms and consequences for biodiversity of a key ecological interaction 2011 Biology Letters 7 321-323 détails   openurl
Leigh, E.G., Jr; Cosson, J.-F.; Pons, J.-M.; Forget, P.-M. [How does the study of forest islands help to better understand the functioning of the tropical forest?] 2002 Revue d'Ecologie la Terre et la Vie Supplement 8 181-194 détails   openurl
Lermyte, C.; Forget, P.-M. Rapid assessment of dispersal failure and seedling recruitment of large-seeded non-timber forest products trees in a tropical rainforest 2009 Tropical Conservation Science 2 404-424 détails   openurl
Mendoza, I.; Martin, G.; Caubère, A.; Châtelet, P.; Hardy, I.; Jouard, S.; Forget, P.-M. Does masting result in frugivore satiation? A test with <i>Manilkara<i> trees in French Guiana 2015 Journal of Tropical Ecology 31 553 détails   url
Norconk, M.A.; Boinski, S.; Forget, P.-M. Primates in 21st Century Ecosystems: Does Primate Conservation Promote Ecosystem Conservation? 2011 American Journal Of Primatology 73 3-8 détails   openurl
Norden, N.; Chave, J.; Belbenoit, P.; Caubere, A.; Chatelet, P.; Forget, P.-M.; Riera, B.; Viers, J.; Thebaud, C. Interspecific variation in seedling responses to seed limitation and habitat conditions for 14 Neotropical woody species 2009 Journal Of Ecology 97 186-197 détails   openurl
Norden, N.; Chave, J.; Belbenoit, P.; Caubere, A.; Chatelet, P.; Forget, P.-M.; Thebaud, C. Mast Fruiting Is a Frequent Strategy in Woody Species of Eastern South America 2007 Plos One 2 détails   openurl
Norden, N.; Chave, J.; Caubere, A.; Chatelet, P.; Ferroni, N.; Forget, P.-M.; Thebaud, C. Is temporal variation of seedling communities determined by environment or by seed arrival? A test in a neotropical forest 2007 Journal Of Ecology 95 507-516 détails   openurl
Nyiramana, A.; Mendoza, I.; Kaplin, B.A.; Forget, P.-M. Evidence for Seed Dispersal by Rodents in Tropical Montane Forest in Africa 2011 Biotropica 43 654-657 détails   openurl
Paine, C.E.T.; Norden, N.; Chave, J.; Forget, P.-M.; Fortunel, C.; Dexter, K.G.; Baraloto, C. Phylogenetic density dependence and environmental filtering predict seedling mortality in a tropical forest 2012 Ecology Letters 15 34-41 détails   openurl
Ratiarison, S.; Forget, P.-M. The role of frugivores in determining seed removal and dispersal in the Neotropical nutmeg 2013 Tropical Conservation Science 6 690-704 détails   openurl
Ratiarison, S.; Forget, P.-M. Fruit availability, frugivore satiation and seed removal in 2 primate-dispersed tree species 2011 Integrative Zoology 6 178-194 détails   openurl
Trolliet, F.; Forget, P.-M.; Doucet, J.-L.; Gillet, J.-F.; Hambuckers, A. Frugivorous birds influence the spatial organization of tropical forests through the generation of seedling recruitment foci under zoochoric trees 2017 Acta Oecologica 85 69-76 détails   doi
Trolliet, F.; Forget, P.-M.; Huynen, M.-C.; Hambuckers, A. Forest cover, hunting pressure, and fruit availability influence seed dispersal in a forest-savanna mosaic in the Congo Basin 2017 Biotropica 49 337-345 détails   doi
Trolliet, F.; Serckx, A.; Forget, P.-M.; Beudels-Jamar, R.C.; Huynen, M.-C.; Hambuckers, A. Ecosystem services provided by a large endangered primate in a forest-savanna mosaic landscape 2016 Biological Conservation 203 55-66 détails   doi
Vanthomme, H.; Belle, B.; Forget, P.-M. Bushmeat Hunting Alters Recruitment of Large-seeded Plant Species in Central Africa 2010 Biotropica 42 672-679 détails   openurl
Weber, N.; Birnbaum, P.; Forget, P.-M.; Gueye, M.; Kenfack, D. The oil of Carapa (Carapa spp. Meliaceae) in West Africa: uses and implications in the conservation of natural tree stands 2010 Fruits 65 343-354 détails   openurl
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