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Boyle, K.S.; Colleye, O.; Parmentier, E. Sound production to electric discharge: sonic muscle evolution in progress in Synodontis spp. catfishes (Mochokidae) 2014 Proceedings 281 détails   openurl
Boyle, K.S.; Dewan, A.K.; Tricas, T.C. Fast drum strokes: Novel and convergent features of sonic muscle ultrastructure, innervation, and motor neuron organization in the pyramid butterflyfish (Hemitaurichthys polylepis) 2013 Journal Of Morphology 274 377-394 détails   openurl
Boyle, K.S.; Horn, M.H. Comparison of feeding guild structure and ecomorphology of intertidal fish assemblages from central California and central Chile 2006 Marine Ecology Progress Series 319 65-84 détails   openurl
Boyle, K.S.; Tricas, T.C. Discrimination of mates and intruders: visual and olfactory cues for a monogamous territorial coral reef butterflyfish 2014 Animal Behaviour 92 33-43 détails   openurl
Boyle, K.S.; Tricas, T.C. Sound production in the longnose butterflyfishes (genus Forcipiger): cranial kinematics, muscle activity and honest signals 2011 Journal Of Experimental Biology 214 3829-3842 détails   openurl
Boyle, K.S.; Tricas, T.C. Pulse sound generation, anterior swim bladder buckling and associated muscle activity in the pyramid butterflyfish, Hemitaurichthys polylepis 2010 Journal Of Experimental Biology 213 3881-3893 détails   openurl
Cox, T.E.; Baumgartner, E.; Philippoff, J.; Boyle, K.S. Spatial and vertical patterns in the tidepool fish assemblage on the island of O'ahu 2011 Environmental Biology Of Fishes 90 329-342 détails   openurl
Hanke, W.; Boyle, K.; Tricas, T. C. Flow measurements during the multimodal communication in Hawaiian butterflyfish 2008 Lasermethoden in der Strömungsmesstechnik, German Association for Laser Anemometry, Karlsruhe 53.1-53.6 détails   openurl
Horn, M.H.; Gawlicka, A.; German, D. P.; Logothetis, E. A., Cavanagh, J. W.; Boyle, K. S. Structure and function of the stomachless digestive system in three related species of New World silverside fishes (Atherinopsidae) representing herbivory, omnivory, and carnivory. 2006 Marine Biology 149 1237-1245 détails   openurl
Howard, K.G.; Claisse, J.T.; Clark, T.B.; Boyle, K.; Parrish, J.D. Home range and movement patterns of the Redlip Parrotfish (Scarus rubroviolaceus) in Hawaii 2013 Marine Biology 160 1583-1595 détails   openurl
Kéver, L.; Boyle, K. S.; Dragicevic, B.; Dulcic, J.; Parmentier, E. A superfast muscle in the complex sonic apparatus of Ophidion rochei (Ophidiiformes): histological and physiological approaches 2014 Journal of Experimental Biology 217 3432-3440 détails   openurl
Kever, L.; Boyle, K.S.; Bolen, G.; Dragicevic, B.; Dulcic, J.; Parmentier, E. Modifications in Call Characteristics and Sonic Apparatus Morphology During Puberty in Ophidion rochei ( Actinopterygii: Ophidiidae) 2014 Journal Of Morphology 275 650-660 détails   openurl
Kever, L.; Boyle, K.S.; Dragicevic, B.; Dulcic, J.; Casadevall, M.; Parmentier, E. Sexual dimorphism of sonic apparatus and extreme intersexual variation of sounds in Ophidion rochei (Ophidiidae): first evidence of a tight relationship between morphology and sound characteristics in Ophidiidae 2012 Frontiers In Zoology 9 détails   openurl
Lea, R.N.; Erikson, E.D.; Boyle, K.; Given, R. Occurrence of the loosetooth parrotfish, Nicholsina denticulata (Scaridae), from Santa Catalina Island, California 2001 Bulletin Southern California Academy of Sciences 100 167-169 détails   openurl
Mann, D.A.; Casper, B.M.; Boyle, K.S.; Tricas, T.C. On the attraction of larval fishes to reef sounds 2007 Marine Ecology Progress Series 338 307-310 détails   openurl
Maruska, K.P.; Boyle, K.S.; Dewan, L.R.; Tricas, T.C. Sound production and spectral hearing sensitivity in the Hawaiian sergeant damselfish, Abudefduf abdominalis 2007 Journal Of Experimental Biology 210 3990-4004 détails   openurl
Parmentier, E.; Boyle, K.S.; Berten, L.; Brie, C.; Lecchini, D. Sound production and mechanism in Heniochus chrysostomus (Chaetodontidae) 2011 Journal Of Experimental Biology 214 2702-2708 détails   openurl
Parmentier, E.; Kever, L.; Boyle, K.; Corbisier, Y.-E.; Sawelew, L.; Malavasi, S. Sound production mechanism in Gobius paganellus (Gobiidae) 2013 Journal Of Experimental Biology 216 3189-3199 détails   openurl
Parmentier, E; Raick, X; Lecchini, D; Boyle, K; Van Wassenbergh, S; Bertucci, F; Kéver, L Unusual sound production mechanism in the triggerfish Rhinecanthus aculeatus (Balistidae) 2017 Journal of Experimental Biology 220 186-193 détails   doi
Tricas, T. C.; Boyle, K. S. Acoustic behaviors in Hawai'i coral reef fish communities. 2014 Marine Ecology Progress Series 511 1-16 détails   openurl
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