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Alleaume, C.; Mrini, M.E.; Laloy, E.; Marchal, J.; Aujard, F.; Chahory, S. Scleral and corneal xanthomatous inflammation in a gray mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus) 2017 Veterinary Ophthalmology 20 177-180 détails   doi
Aujard, F. Age-related effects on photoperiodic control of energy expenditure in a Malagasy prosimian, the lesser mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus) 1998 Primatologie 1 379-403 détails   openurl
Aujard, F.; Cayetanot, F.; Bentivoglio, M.; Perret, M. Age-related effects on the biological clock and its behavioral output in a primate 2006 Chronobiology International 23 451-460 détails   openurl
Aujard, F.; Cayetanot, F.; Terrien, J.; Van Someren, E.J.W. Attenuated effect of increased daylength on activity rhythm in the old mouse lemur, a non-human primate 2007 Experimental Gerontology 42 1079-1087 détails   openurl
Aujard, F.; Nemoz-Bertholet, F. Response to urinary volatiles and chemosensory function decline with age in a prosimian primate 2004 Physiology & Behavior 81 639-644 détails   openurl
Aujard, F.; Perret, M. Health Status And Nesting Pattern In Male Gray Mouse Lemurs (Microcebus Murinus) 2009 Revue D Ecologie-La Terre Et La Vie 64 197-205 détails   openurl
Aujard, F.; Schilling, A.; Perret, M. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) immunoreactive neurons in male mouse lemurs following removal of the vomeronasal organ 2005 Brain Research 1043 247-250 détails   openurl
Aujard, F.; Seguy, M.; Terrien, J.; Botalla, R.; Blanc, S.; Perret, M. Behavioral thermoregulation in a non human primate: Effects of age and photoperiod on temperature selection 2006 Experimental Gerontology 41 784-792 détails   openurl
Averdam, A.; Petersen, B.; Rosner, C.; Neff, J.; Roos, C.; Eberle, M.; Aujard, F.; Muenich, C.; Schempp, W.; Carrington, M.; Shiina, T.; Inoko, H.; Knaust, F.; Coggill, P.; Sehra, H.; Beck, S.; Abi-Rached, L.; Reinhardt, R.; Walter, L. A Novel System of Polymorphic and Diverse NK Cell Receptors in Primates 2009 Plos Genetics 5 détails   openurl

Babiloni, C.; Infarinato, F.; Aujard, F.; Bastlund, J.F.; Bentivoglio, M.; Bertini, G.; Del Percio, C.; Fabene, P.F.; Forloni, G.L.; Herrero Ezquerro, M.T.; Noe, F.M.; Pifferi, F.; Ros-Bernal, F.; Christensen, D.Z.; Dix, S.; Richardson, J.C.; Lamberty, Y.; Drinkenburg, W.; Rossini, P.M. Effects of pharmacological agents, sleep deprivation, hypoxia and transcranial magnetic stimulation on electroencephalographic rhythms in rodents: Towards translational challenge models for drug discovery in Alzheimer's disease 2013 Clinical Neurophysiology 124 437-451 détails   openurl
Bertrand, A.; Pasquier, A.; Petiet, A.; Wiggins, C.; Kraska, A.; Joseph-Mathurin, N.; Aujard, F.; Mestre-Frances, N.; Dhenain, M. Micro-MRI Study of Cerebral Aging: Ex Vivo Detection of Hippocampal Subfield Reorganization, Microhemorrhages and Amyloid Plaques in Mouse Lemur Primates 2013 Plos One 8 détails   openurl
Bonaconsa, M.; Colavito, V.; Pifferi, F.; Aujard, F.; Schenker, E.; Dix, S.; Grassi-Zucconi, G.; Bentivoglio, M.; Bertini, G. Cell Clocks and Neuronal Networks: Neuron Ticking and Synchronization in Aging and Aging-Related Neurodegenerative Disease 2013 Current Alzheimer Research 10 597-608 détails   openurl
Bozek, K.; Khrameeva, E.E.; Reznick, J.; Omerbasic, D.; Bennett, N.C.; Lewin, G.R.; Azpurua, J.; Gorbunova, V.; Seluanov, A.; Regnard, P.; Wanert, F.; Marchal, J.; Pifferi, F.; Aujard, F.; Liu, Z.; Shi, P.; Paabo, S.; Schroeder, F.; Willmitzer, L.; Giavalisco, P.; Khaitovich, P. Lipidome determinants of maximal lifespan in mammals 2017 Scientific Reports 7 5 détails   doi
Cayetanot, F.; Nygard, M.; Perret, M.; Kristensson, K.; Aujard, F. PLASMA LEVELS OF INTERFERON-gamma CORRELATE WITH AGE-RELATED DISTURBANCES OF CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS AND SURVIVAL IN A NON-HUMAN PRIMATE 2009 Chronobiology International 26 1587-1601 détails   openurl
Dal-Pan, A.; Blanc, S.; Aujard, F. Resveratrol suppresses body mass gain in a seasonal non-human primate model of obesity 2010 BMC Physiology 10 11-Article No.: 11 détails   openurl
Dal-Pan, A.; Blanc, S.; Aujard, F. Resveratrol activates energy metabolism by influencing body temperature, locomotor activity and resting metabolic rate in a non-human primate 2009 Comparative Biochemistry And Physiology A-Molecular & Integrative Physiology 153a S147-S147 détails   openurl
Dal-Pan, A.; Pifferi, F.; Marchal, J.; Picq, J.-L.; Aujard, F. Cognitive Performances Are Selectively Enhanced during Chronic Caloric Restriction or Resveratrol Supplementation in a Primate 2011 Plos One 6 détails   openurl
Dal-Pan, A.; Terrien, J.; Pifferi, F.; Botalla, R.; Hardy, I.; Marchal, J.; Zahariev, A.; Chery, I.; Zizzari, P.; Perret, M.; Picq, J.L.; Epelbaum, J.; Blanc, S.; Aujard, F. Caloric restriction or resveratrol supplementation and ageing in a non-human primate: first-year outcome of the RESTRIKAL study in Microcebus murinus 2011 Age 33 15-31 détails   openurl
Davidson, A.J.; Aujard, F.; London, B.; Menaker, M.; Block, G.D. Thermochron iButtons: An inexpensive method for long-term recording of core body temperature in untethered animals 2003 Journal Of Biological Rhythms 18 430-432 détails   openurl
Deguil, J.; Auffret, A.; Schenker, E.; Aujard, F.; Lamberty, Y.; Bartres-Faz, D.; Blin, O.; Micallef, J.; Richardson, J.C.; Bordet, R. Editorial: Combining Forces to Improve Alzheimer's Disease Drug Discovery: The Symptomatic Battle 2016 CNS & Neurological Disorders Drug Targets 15 754-755 détails   url
Deguil, J.; Auffret, A.; Schenker, E.; Aujard, F.; Lamberty, Y.; Bartres-Faz, D.; Herrero, M.T.; Blin, O.; Micallef, J.; Richardson, J.C.; Bordet, R. Conclusive Article: Sorting the Good from the Bad: The Different Approaches to Predict Cognitive Properties of New Symptomatic Drug Candidates for Neurodegenerative Diseases in Early Development 2016 CNS & Neurological Disorders Drug Targets 15 837-838 détails   url
Djelti, F.; Dhenain, M.; Terrien, J.; Picq, J.-L.; Hardy, I.; Champeval, D.; Perret, M.; Schenker, E.; Epelbaum, J.; Aujard, F. Impaired fasting blood glucose is associated to cognitive impairment and cerebral atrophy in middle-aged non-human primates 2016 Aging 9 173-186 détails   doi
Giroud, S.; Blanc, S.; Aujard, F.; Bertrand, F.; Gilbert, C.; Perret, M. Chronic food shortage and seasonal modulations of daily torpor and locomotor activity in the grey mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus) 2008 American Journal Of Physiology-Regulatory Integrative And Comparative Physiology 294 R1958-R1967 détails   openurl
Giroud, S.; Perret, M.; Gilbert, C.; Zahariev, A.; Goudable, J.; Le Maho, Y.; Oudart, H.; Momken, I.; Aujard, F.; Blanc, S. Dietary palmitate and linoleate oxidations, oxidative stress, and DNA damage differ according to season in mouse lemurs exposed to a chronic food deprivation 2009 American Journal Of Physiology-Regulatory Integrative And Comparative Physiology 297 R950-R959 détails   openurl
Giroud, S.; Perret, M.; Stein, P.; Goudable, J.; Aujard, F.; Gilbert, C.; Robin, J.P.; Le Maho, Y.; Zahariev, A.; Blanc, S.; Momken, I. The Grey Mouse Lemur Uses Season-Dependent Fat or Protein Sparing Strategies to Face Chronic Food Restriction 2010 Plos One 5 détails   openurl
Giroud, S.; Perret, M.; Stein, P.; Goudable, J.; Aujard, F.; Gilbert, C.; Robin, J.P.; Le Maho, Y.; Zahariev, A.; Blanc, S.; Momken, I. The grey mouse lemur uses season-dependent fat or protein sparing strategies to face chronic food restriction 2010 PloS one 5 e8823 détails   doi
Gomez, D.; Barbosa, A.; Thery, M.; Aujard, F.; Perret, M. Age Affects Photoentrainment in a Nocturnal Primate 2012 Journal Of Biological Rhythms 27 164-171 détails   openurl
Hamalainen, A.; Dammhahn, M.; Aujard, F.; Eberle, M.; Hardy, I.; Kappeler, P.M.; Perret, M.; Schliehe-Diecks, S.; Kraus, C. Senescence or selective disappearance? Age trajectories of body mass in wild and captive populations of a small-bodied primate 2014 Proceedings Of The Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 281 détails   openurl
Infarinato, F.; Rahman, A.; Del Percio, C.; Lamberty, Y.; Bordet, R.; Richardson, J.C.; Forloni, G.; Drinkenburg, W.; Lopez, S.; Aujard, F.; Babiloni, C.; Pifferi, F. On-Going Frontal Alpha Rhythms Are Dominant in Passive State and Desynchronize in Active State in Adult Gray Mouse Lemurs 2015 PloS one 10 e0143719 détails   doi
Kraska, A.; Dorieux, O.; Picq, J.-L.; Petit, F.; Bourrin, E.; Chenu, E.; Volk, A.; Perret, M.; Hantraye, P.; Mestre-Frances, N.; Aujard, F.; Dhenain, M. Age-associated cerebral atrophy in mouse lemur primates 2011 Neurobiology Of Aging 32 894-906 détails   openurl
Languille, S.; Aujard, F.; Pifferi, F. Effect of dietary fish oil supplementation on the exploratory activity, emotional status and spatial memory of the aged mouse lemur, a non-human primate 2012 Behavioural Brain Research 235 280-286 détails   openurl
Languille, S.; Blanc, S.; Blin, O.; Canale, C.I.; Dal-Pan, A.; Devau, G.; Dhenain, M.; Dorieux, O.; Epelbaum, J.; Gomez, D.; Hardy, I.; Henry, P.Y.; Irving, E.A.; Marchal, J.; Mestre-Frances, N.; Perret, M.; Picq, J.L.; Pifferi, F.; Rahman, A.; Schenker, E.; Terrien, J.; Thery, M.; Verdier, J.M.; Aujard, F. The grey mouse lemur: A non-human primate model for ageing studies 2012 Ageing Research Reviews 11 150-162 détails   openurl
Languille, S.; Lievin-Bazin, A.; Picq, J.-L.; Louis, C.; Dix, S.; De Barry, J.; Blin, O.; Richardson, J.; Bordet, R.; Schenker, E.; Djelti, F.; Aujard, F. Deficits of psychomotor and mnesic functions across aging in mouse lemur primates 2014 Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 8 446 détails   doi
Laurijssens, B.; Aujard, F.; Rahman, A. Animal models of Alzheimer's disease and drug development 2013 Drug discovery today 10 e319-27 détails   openurl
Le Brazidec, M.; Herrel, A.; Thomas, P.; Boulinguez-Ambroise, G.; Aujard, F.; Pouydebat, E. How Aging Affects Grasping Behavior and Pull Strength in Captive Gray Mouse Lemurs (Microcebus murinus) 2017 International Journal of Primatology 38 1120-1129 détails   doi
Lecompte, E.; Crouau-Roy, B.; Aujard, F.; Holota, H.; Murienne, J. Complete mitochondrial genome of the gray mouse lemur, Microcebus murinus (Primates, Cheirogaleidae) 2016 Mitochondrial DNA. Part A, DNA Mapping, Sequencing, and Analysis 27 3514-3516 détails   doi
Lecompte, E.; Crouau-Roy, B.; Aujard, F.; Holota, H.; Murienne, J. Complete mitochondrial genome of the gray mouse lemur, Microcebus murinus (Primates, Cheirogaleidae) 2015 Mitochondrial DNA 1-3 détails   doi
M, H.; Joubert S, C.; Jl, S.; Perret, M.; Aujard, F. Changes in Pancreatic Islet Mass in Grey Mouse Lemurs (Microcebus murinus) Submitted to Caloric Restriction or Resveratrol Administration 2016 Journal of Cytology & Histology 07 détails   doi
Marchal, J.; Blanc, S.; Epelbaum, J.; Aujard, F.; Pifferi, F. Effects of Chronic Calorie Restriction or Dietary Resveratrol Supplementation on Insulin Sensitivity Markers in a Primate, Microcebus murinus 2012 Plos One 7 détails   openurl
Marchal, J.; Dorieux, O.; Haro, L.; Aujard, F.; Perret, M. Characterization of blood biochemical markers during aging in the Grey Mouse Lemur (Microcebus murinus): impact of gender and season 2012 Bmc Veterinary Research 8 détails   openurl
Marchal, J.; Perret, M.; Aujard, F. Caloric restriction in primates: how efficient as an anti-aging approach? 2012 M S-Medecine Sciences 28 1081-1086 détails   openurl
Marchal, J.; Pifferi, F.; Aujard, F. Resveratrol in mammals: effects on aging biomarkers, age-related diseases, and life span 2013 Resveratrol And Health 1290 67-73 détails   openurl
Menet, M.-C.; Marchal, J.; Dal-Pan, A.; Taghi, M.; Nivet-Antoine, V.; Dargere, D.; Laprevote, O.; Beaudeux, J.-L.; Aujard, F.; Epelbaum, J.; Cottart, C.-H. Resveratrol Metabolism in a Non-Human Primate, the Grey Mouse Lemur (Microcebus murinus), Using Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Quadrupole Time of Flight 2014 Plos One 9 détails   openurl
Mulder, J.; Spence, L.; Tortoriello, G.; DiNieri, J.A.; Uhlen, M.; Shui, B.; Kotlikoff, M.I.; Yanagawa, Y.; Aujard, F.; Hokfelt, T.; Hurd, Y.L.; Harkany, T. Secretagogin is a Ca2+-binding protein identifying prospective extended amygdala neurons in the developing mammalian telencephalon 2010 European Journal Of Neuroscience 31 2166-2177 détails   openurl
Mulder, J.; Zilberter, M.; Spence, L.; Tortoriello, G.; Uhlen, M.; Yanagawa, Y.; Aujard, F.; Hokfelt, T.; Harkany, T. Secretagogin is a Ca2+-binding protein specifying subpopulations of telencephalic neurons 2009 Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America 106 22492-22497 détails   openurl
Nemoz-Bertolet, F.; Aujard, F. Physical activity and balance performance as a function of age in a prosimian primate (Microcebus murinus) 2003 Experimental Gerontology 38 407-414 détails   openurl
Perret, M.; Aujard, F.; Seguy, M.; Schilling, A. Olfactory bulbectomy modifies photic entrainment and circadian rhythms of body temperature and locomotor activity in a nocturnal primate 2003 Journal Of Biological Rhythms 18 392-401 détails   openurl
Perret, M.; Gomez, D.; Barbosa, A.; Aujard, F.; Thery, M. Increased Late Night Response to Light Controls the Circadian Pacemaker in a Nocturnal Primate 2010 Journal Of Biological Rhythms 25 186-196 détails   openurl
Pifferi, F.; Aujard, F. Growing old... in rhythm 2011 Biofutur 46-48 détails   openurl
Pifferi, F.; Dal-Pan, A.; Languille, S.; Aujard, F. Effects of resveratrol on daily rhythms of locomotor activity and body temperature in young and aged grey mouse lemurs 2013 Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity 2013 187301-187301 détails   openurl
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