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Auteur (up) Zanella, A; Ponge, JF; Briones, MJI url  doi
  Titre Humusica 1, article 8: Terrestrial humus systems and forms – Biological activity and soil aggregates, space-time dynamics Type Article scientifique
  Année 2018 Publication Applied Soil Ecology Revue Abrégée Appl. Soil Ecol.  
  Volume 122 Numéro Part 1 Pages 103-137  
  Mots-Clés humus; soil biodiversity; soil animals; soil aggregates; soil dynamics; soil earthworms; soil arthropods; soil functioning; SOC; SOM; Humusica; humus classification  
  Résumé Litter biodegradation is a process of life. Organisms feed, reproduce, die and decompose. Decomposition is essential, and it is never complete. In addition, the elements generated by this process become new bricks for building more complex structures in a dynamically evolving environment. In this article, we show some pictures of the main actors in litter biodegradation. We also try to associate living organisms to the soil aggregates they generate, furnishing photographs of organisms and aggregates visible in the field even with a naked eye. The transformation of dead bodies, organs or cells and droppings in the soil ecosystem is influenced by biotic and abiotic factors and hence it must be considered as a dynamic, never ending, local evolution. Instead of focusing on specific data, we have tried to present the involved phenomena to a non-specialised public (naturalists, students, teachers, etc.) through the use of graphical schemes, indicating arrows, photographs, and drawings. In the end, readers will be aware that things are not as simple as expected, that static models cannot give a precise image of a reality in constant evolution. The article can be inspected as a photo album, read as a comic strip or used as a dictionary. The authors aim to illustrate rather than to explain the relationships between humus systems, climate and biodiversity.  
  Adresse Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, CNRS UMR 7179, 4 avenue du Petit Château, 91800 Brunoy, France  
  Auteur institutionnel Thèse  
  Editeur Lieu de Publication Éditeur  
  Langue English Langue du Résumé English Titre Original  
  Éditeur de collection Titre de collection Titre de collection Abrégé  
  Volume de collection Numéro de collection Edition  
  ISSN 0929-1393 ISBN Médium  
  Région Expédition Conférence  
  Notes WOS:000417356200009 Approuvé pas de  
  Numéro d'Appel MNHN @ ponge @ collection 1678  
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