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Auteur Manzano, A.S.; Herrel, A.; Fabre, A.-C.; Abdala, V. url  doi
  Titre Variation in brain anatomy in frogs and its possible bearing on their locomotor ecology Type Article scientifique
  Année (down) 2017 Publication Journal of Anatomy Revue Abrégée J Anat  
  Volume Numéro Pages  
  Mots-Clés anurans; central nervous system morphology; locomotion  
  Résumé Despite the long-standing interest in the evolution of the brain, relatively little is known about variation in brain anatomy in frogs. Yet, frogs are ecologically diverse and, as such, variation in brain anatomy linked to differences in lifestyle or locomotor behavior can be expected. Here we present a comparative morphological study focusing on the macro- and micro-anatomy of the six regions of the brain and its choroid plexus: the olfactory bulbs, the telencephalon, the diencephalon, the mesencephalon, the rhombencephalon, and the cerebellum. We also report on the comparative anatomy of the plexus brachialis responsible for the innervation of the forelimbs. It is commonly thought that amphibians have a simplified brain organization, associated with their supposedly limited behavioral complexity and reduced motor skills. We compare frogs with different ecologies that also use their limbs in different contexts and for other functions. Our results show that brain morphology is more complex and more variable than typically assumed. Moreover, variation in brain morphology among species appears related to locomotor behavior as suggested by our quantitative analyses. Thus we propose that brain morphology may be related to the locomotor mode, at least in the frogs included in our analysis.  
  Adresse Facultad de Ciencias Naturales e Instituto Miguel Lillo, UNT-Horco Molle, Instituto de Biologia Neotropical-CONICET, Tucuman, Argentina  
  Auteur institutionnel Thèse  
  Editeur Lieu de Publication Éditeur  
  Langue English Langue du Résumé Titre Original  
  Éditeur de collection Titre de collection Titre de collection Abrégé  
  Volume de collection Numéro de collection Edition  
  ISSN 0021-8782 ISBN Médium  
  Région Expédition Conférence  
  Notes PMID:28429369 Approuvé pas de  
  Numéro d'Appel mnhn @ acfabre @ collection 1538  
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