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Auteur (up) Soulier-Perkins, A. openurl 
  Titre The phylogeny of the Lophopidae and the impact of sexual selection and coevolutionary sexual conflict Type Article scientifique
  Année 2001 Publication Cladistics-The International Journal Of The Willi Hennig Society Revue Abrégée  
  Volume 17 Numéro 1 Pages 56-78  
  Résumé A cladistic analysis of Lophopidae was performed, using 73 observed morphological characters and 41 taxa. This analysis involved 36 genera belonging to the Lophopidae family and S outgroups. For a better understanding of the selected characters some illustrations are provided. The most parsimonious cladograms obtained show that the Lophopidae cannot be considered as a monophyletic lineage unless two genera are withdrawn from this family: Hesticus Walker, 1862, and Silvanana Metcalf, 1947. The systematic position of these two genera remains uncertain. They cannot vet be included in another family of Fulgoromorpha. A cladistic analysis of each of the 19 remaining Fulgoromorphan families must be performed first. A new family could be created for these two genera, but not before we are sure that these two genera are in no way members of an existing family. The outgroup problem is discussed. The monophyletic lineage represented by the Lophopidae can be divided into four natural groups: Carriona(+), Makota(+), Sarebasa(+), and Bisma(+). When a cladistic analysis is completed using a data matrix without characters linked to females, the cladogram obtained presents a disrupted basal resolution. Female characters appear to bring a phylogenetic signal important basally in the evolution of the Lophopidae but also apically, directly between the relationships of some genera. A similar analysis, using a matrix without characters linked to males, provides a phylogeny disrupted between the groups that form the Lophopidae and in the basal resolution in these groups. The respective impacts of the genitalic characters are discussed in relation to sexual selection conflict. (C) 2001 The Willi Hennig Society.  
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