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Auteur (up) Meunier, F.J.; Mondejar-Fernandez, J.; Goussard, F.; Clement, G.; Herbin, M. url  doi
  Titre Presence of plicidentine in the oral teeth of the coelacanth Latimeria chalumnae Smith 1939 (Sarcopterygii; Actinistia) Type Article scientifique
  Année 2015 Publication Journal of Structural Biology Revue Abrégée J Struct Biol  
  Volume 190 Numéro 1 Pages 31-37  
  Mots-Clés Evolution; Histology; Latimeria; Plicidentine; Tooth  
  Résumé The extant coelacanth Latimeria is a sarcopterygian predatory fish with caniniform teeth on its upper and lower jaws. The teeth are constituted of a cone of dentine with an apical cap of enamel, and they are fixed to the osseous component of the jaws by an attachment bone. Internal walls of the tooth base show folds that have been firstly interpreted in the past as radial vascular canals. Three-dimensional visualisation of these foldings using X-ray tomographic techniques and new histological interpretation lead to reconsider these structures as true plicidentine. The folds of the dentine do not invade the whole pulp cavity of the tooth contrary to the plicated condition of most fossil sarcopterygian fishes (e.g., Eusthenopteron, Porolepis, Megalichthys) certain fossil marine reptiles (ichthyosaurs) and extant varanids; in Latimeria they are limited to the lower third to the half of the pulp cavity. The presence of plicidentine in Latimeria's teeth is proposed to be a plesiomorphic character for sarcopterygians.  
  Adresse UMR 7179 – (CNRS-MNHN), Mecanismes adaptatifs des organismes aux communautes, Departement Ecologie et Gestion de la Biodiversite, Museum national d'Histoire naturelle, C.P. 055, 57 rue Cuvier, 75231 Paris cedex 05, France. Electronic address:  
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  ISSN 1047-8477 ISBN Médium  
  Région Expédition Conférence  
  Notes PMID:25744021 Approuvé pas de  
  Numéro d'Appel MNHN @ hackert @ collection 1300  
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