Current projects

2017-2019: Avineck - the neck of birds, an arm for robots

Supervisor: Anick Abourachid (UMR7179)

Funding: ANR (Agence National de la Recherche) Project ID: ANR-16-CE33-0025

2015-2017: Form-function relationships and the evolution of arboreal locomotion in mammals

Supervisors: Anthony Herrel (UMR7179), Marc Herbin (UMR7179), Raphaël Cornette (UMR7205), Stéphane Peigné (UMR7207)

Funding: LabEx BCDiv (Diversités Biologiques et Culturelles)

Research focus

Evolution, function and development of the vertebrate body plan

  • appendicular skeleton in carnivores and primates
  • vertebral column in archosaurs
  • skull & dentition in mammals