The use of animals for scientific purposes has to strictly adhere to legal and ethical rules, set at national and international levels. In 2013, in France, it became mandatory that all persons using wild animals for in situ scientific experiments follow an initial training course that secures that they are aware of the relevant rules, and they know the practices that are the most respectful of animal welfare. But such a training course did not exist. MNHN is now officially authorized to launch this regulartoy training program by the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Committee of Animal Experimentation. This program is coordinated by Pierre-Yves Henry (BIOADAPT team) for MNHN, in collaboration with Cuvier’s Ethical Committee (MNHN, Amaury de Luze), the French National Agency for Wildlife (ONCFS, Nirmala Seon-Massin, Jean-Yves Chollet), CNRS’ office for animal use in research (CNRS INSB IPBS, Magali Jacquier, Ivan Balansard) and the Center for Biological Studies of Chizé (CEBC, Xavier Bonnet). We are now preparing the first sessions of this program.