SEB conference 2018 in Florence

Avineck researcher present their latest results at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) in Florence, Italy, from 3-6 July 2018.

Over 800 experimental biologists from across the world came together at the SEB conference 2018 in Florence. During 9 parallel scientific session covering animal, pland and cell biology, a number of highly interesting talks and posters were presented. The Avineck team was represented by project coordinator Anick Abourachid and postdoc Christine Böhmer as well as our collaborators Pauline Provini and Sam van Wassenbergh.

Poster presentation by Anick:

Abourachid A, Plateau O, Cornette R, Van Wassenbergh S, Provini P and Böhmer C (2018). Avineck, the neck of birds, an arm for robots. Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) in Florence, Italy.

Oral presentation by Christine:

Böhmer C, Aladini M, Chummun V, Plateau O, Cornette R, Duriez O and Abourachid A (2018). Ripper vs. gulper: biomechanical adaptations in the neck of sympatric vultures. Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) in Florence, Italy.

See our full list of published conference abstracts.

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