Bird capture & ringing

The objective of the Avineck project is to quantify and understand the relationship between the anatomy of the bird neck, its mechanical properties and function. Therefore, the performance of selected avian species is measured.

In order to be able to measure the performance of selected birds, we work together with professional ornithologists and bird ringers (en français: Centre de Recherche sur le Biologie des Populations d’Oiseaux). The first bird capture & ringing event was organized by our collaborator Pierre-Yves Henry. He also organizes training sessions for future bird ringers:

Theoretical training of future bird ringers (since 2012)

Persons that seek to be granted the authorization to capture and mark birds for scientific purposes (‘bird ringing license’) have to undergo a complete, technical and theoretical training. This training secures that they will practice bird ringing safely (for the birds and for themselves) and that they will understand the biological and statistical principles that guide the ringing monitoring protocols that they will implement. Since 2012, I coordinate the obligatory, 2-day theoretical training course that they have to follow prior to the ultimate, qualification field course. This course is given by the staff of CRBPO, at MNHN.

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